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    Burst DPS/Sustained DPS/DPS

    So I recently got all the upgrades to my DK I could get besides raiding or valor upgrades(get meh boots today ). But I still struggle to pull decent DPS on multi-traget fights or really really long single target fights. I can easily pull over 25k on most boss fights but my average is abou 22-24k per fight trash and boss. I am hit and expertise capped. I am also using the optimum reforge suggested ReforgeLight. I also use CLC DK to prefect my priority rotation. I'm currently item level 379 DW frost Noxxic suggested spec.


    (links to max DPS/MRRobot)
    I'd link my armoury but I recently faction/server changed and it has not updated to my current character name or realm.

    Any suggestions. I only ask because google has failed me!

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    Also is it worth trying unholy out if I can get a decent 2h sword? I know the reforging is similar and It does pull ahead in raw dps.
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    What is wrong with having 22-24K or 25k DPS? Frost in BiS (~ IL 406) on Ultraxion seem to be doing 44K. I do about 35K (as UH) on Ultra with IL 390 which seems consistent with the numbers seen on WoL. A WoL would help if you really need exact criticism.

    regarding reforging in UH: it's not really same. you never reforge for expertise + you need 3% more hit than Frost DW. Also UH favors Crit and Haste now over Mastery.

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    Btw, http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/deathknightfrostdw is BiS pre-raiding. I would suggest not spending the VP on the boots but on the neck / chest and buying the boots. On my server they go for 5k or so

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