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    Haste Frost DK Can't Break 33k on Normal Ultraxion - Help Appreciated

    My World of Logs for the most recent fight: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/ug6qx...?s=5861&e=6129
    My Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...valyk/advanced
    My raidbots for Ultraxion: http://raidbots.com/epeenbot/us/eitr...raxion-10N-102

    I'm a Haste/Oblit Frost DK.

    I sim on Patchwerk fights at 37k, but for the past 5 attempts I've done 31k-32.5k, and I can't get above that. I don't expect to be at 37k because I'm not perfect, but I would expect to be closer to that since this is just a stand-and-dps fight.

    I have no other better DKs in guild that I can talk to and I have read everything and I'm generally really confidant that I know what I should be doing when. I'm just sitting at this dps level unable to do any better and it makes me wonder why I can't break past it. Is there anything that I'm missing or is this just a gear problem?

    I know in the last fight I accidentally hit Heroic Will once when I shouldn't have and thus missed out on 5 seconds, but other than that I feel like I'm doing everything I should be -- with 393 ilvl should I be doing better than 31k-32.5k though?

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    Technically you have better gear than I do in some respects, but I do higher than that. I'm going to guess it's two things:

    - Loss of around 400 strength from agility weapon + +40 gems instead of +50 (not that I advocate you going out and spending some 50k on gems)
    - Weapons. Weapon damage matters in that. You might not see much of an improvement until you can pick up the heroic Hand of Morchok

    Rotting Skull is...meh. The crit is just a waste. You really want to go for Heroic Heart of Rage if possible from T11, or pick up Apparatus. The on-use strength is only useful if you're using it and timing it well with your Pillar of Frost. I did see 3 uses during the fight, so it looks like you're keeping up, but the expertise on that would be an improvement as you can move toward less reforging into exp (keeping more mastery or haste).

    Personally? I take the Improved Frost for the RP gen and drop the Chillblains. Nothing needs to be slowed (save for Sappers, but you can just DG and chain). More RP = more FS for more rune gen when out of runes.

    These are just my thoughts on the subject. 33k is still quite respectable with the weapons you're wielding.

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    I agree with the Agility weapon -- I know I need to replace it ASAP, but I've had terrible weapon drops. Before I got it, I had Souldrinker (390) and Treachery's Bite (378). I've never seen a normal Hand of Morchok drop and I've been doing it every single week. I simmed with both Treachery's Bite and the Agility sword, and the agility one was about 300 dps higher, probably due to weapon damage, but I know I lose Strength from it (I honestly couldn't believe Ask Mr Robot had an agility main hand ranked that high so I had to sim it for myself). I would literally leap at the chance to get better weapons, believe me.

    There's very little chance that I will get Heroic Heart of Rage. I wish I could, but it's probably not happening. You think Apparatus is worth using? I've got a normal non-heroic version I could switch to, I thought the on-use strength would outweigh it. I'll make some chardev profiles and sim a bunch of trinket choices, I haven't looked at those in-depth yet.

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    don't have access to raid finder version of Creche or Bone-Link? both of them would be better than t11 or 12 trinkets

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    No'kaled is also a viable upgrade for you. Unlike your current agi 1h the proc makes up for the str loss. It sims higher than anything of similar or lower ilv. I thought the modeling in simc is probably too optimistic but logs from 2 weeks of usage shows that it average 5% of overall damage for single target as haste-frost which is around what simc predicted (a bit less in actual dps).
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    You have 24 expertise. You need 26. Use wowreforge.

    You don't have Improved Frost Presence. Instead, you chose Chillblains and Endless Winter. This isn't T11.

    You have an AGILITY weapon.

    Your trinkets are awful.

    Use WoL and look at top DKs in high-end guilds.

    -the end-

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    Quote Originally Posted by armone View Post
    You have 24 expertise. You need 26. Use wowreforge.

    You don't have Improved Frost Presence. Instead, you chose Chillblains and Endless Winter. This isn't T11.

    You have an AGILITY weapon.

    Your trinkets are awful.

    Use WoL and look at top DKs in high-end guilds.

    -the end-
    I use AMR for reforging, I don't think 2 Expertise is enough to make or break anything. Do you really think so?

    All of those people far outgear me and their progression is far higher. Looking at them says nothing about what I should be doing at the point that I am at. I can't just wave my hands and suddenly have heroic everything.

    Spec, ok, I'll switch it out if you think it's that big of a deal.

    I know I have an AGILITY weapon, it sims higher than the strength weapon I had, and is ranked higher. I'd be glad to take some Hand of Morchoks but of the 8 times I've done him, none have dropped, not one. I do LFR every week too, I've gotten one Souldrinker in week 2, nothing since.

    Trinkets, Ok, but what should I do about it? I've been dying for better trinkets. I watched the LFR eye of unmaking go to an afk'd melee-swing warrior yesterday, and I've never gotten my hands on a bone-link fetish or creche yet from LFR *or* normal, and we've been 7/8 for a month now.

    I haven't gotten an upgrade drop in 4 weeks beyond replacing 2 LFR tier pieces with 397 versions, tell the RNG that it's an idiot for me, I've said so many times. The point of this whole thread is saying "am I doing ok for what I've got" -- you may think me an idiot because the guild I'm with hasn't done heroics yet but I am actually aware of the issues you've pointed out -- I have no comparable DK I can actually talk to though, which is why I made this thread.
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    Get out of Chillblains and get into IFP. Gear/Weps will come in time.

    Replace AMS glyph.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyk View Post
    I use AMR for reforging
    AMR is horrible, IMO...wowreforge.com is much better

    Quote Originally Posted by Valyk View Post
    I don't think 2 Expertise is enough to make or break anything. Do you really think so?
    well it takes about 30 expertise rating from gear to get 1 Expertise so you're about 60 short...I'd fix it if I were you, but to each his own, I guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bytch View Post
    Replace AMS glyph.
    why would you do such a thing?! ams glyph is great

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    I have had similar bad luck with weapons 11 kills of Morchok (4 of which on heroic) and not once has he dropped the damn axe - meanwhile the DK tanks in guild have manged to get them for their off specs in different runs and I am still using my obsidian cleavers, and so far all DW drops is agility weapons we are actually de'ing bows and polearms now.

    Similar to you I struggle to get over 33k on Ultraxion and have changed to Masterfrost now (mainly for hc Yor'sahj) and am hoping this will help - according to SimC I should be able to do 37k. One tip on Ultraxion is that you can cast outbreak in the other realm so if it is timed well you can refresh your diseases while every one else is unable to do anything for a few seconds.

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