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    First you must prepare your application by sacrificing a fresh goathead over an alter constructed of Limburger cheese while wearing a stuffed vulture hat. Write out the application useing any fluids resulting from step 1. Next attach your application to a messenger pigeon bound for arena net headquarters. Now while hopping on one foot make 3 rotations clockwise and two counterclockwise while singing koombya and release the pigeon.

    Or you could wait till Anet gives us somewhere to sign up for the beta :P like the posters above said its only press invites for this next round. If your considered a member of the press by Anet they will probably contact you. oh and ignore the first paragraph I always wanted to give a silly responce like that.

    Damn it, i did this before i knew it was the way to get into beta ;(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merendel View Post
    ya but Mif has ninja skills when it comes to forum posting of breaking news. I'm sure he could manage to sign up for several accounts and post in under 5 minutes :P
    That's the benefit of being master of a Krewe
    Subordinates are wonderful things

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    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Everyone's said
    We need to wait longer for GW2

    February will be the longest month ever D;

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    Any site offering beta is fake flag it on your search engine report it to arenanet.

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