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    Hotfix #9 and PvP TTK

    So hotfix #9 increased valor (resilience) By a but load, Now we have had a couple of days to test it, how do you guys feel about it? Many think it's a bit too much, and that healers are living for way too long, in my Biased Neck beard opinion (cause i play healer) i love it! I'm finding that melee don't get blown up in 0.5 seconds either anymore. Thoughts?

    * Increased the amount of Valor provided by PvP set gear


    When palyers Raised concerns about the increased Valor Daglar had this to say:

    "It is a real concern of ours - if it wasn't I wouldn't have someone spend time on this stuff. We are not out here to make changes just to make changes - we are out here making changes that we feel make the game better. This has been true since day one of Alpha.There are plenty of things that the community has given feedback on that we don't agree with and we don't take action on. There are other things that the community has asked for, that we agree with, and we just have not found the right time to put in.~Daglar"


    "Nope, absolutely no hot-fix tomorrow to "roll this back".We increased TTK - we are aware of potential issues this can cause, but its been one of the hot button issues for the PvP community and we are actively looking at it. We agree with large portions of the community based on our own play that the previous TTK was too fast.Is the current version perfect? Probably not, but its to early to say, people need to adapt a bit before any more changes are made.~Daglar"

    Source: http://forums.riftgame.com/official-...back-roll.html
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    havent tested a lot , but playing dps cleric i like it so far

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    Have not tested much myself either, but healers take awhile to get down. Barely any warfronts to really confirm this in any meaningful way.

    My comment: Pushing untested pvp changes on a mass game population is why Rift is considered a pve game. There is little direction or wisdom in just mass testing something like this. From my limited experience looking at the forums healers I saw in war fronts that were unkillable with 6 people on them is pretty common.

    The changes need to be reverted OR adjust the pvp heal nerf from 5% to 10-15%
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    pvp in rift sucks and im sorry to say that,the game could be really cool other wise.pvp is really nothing more then casters and healers,that does not make for good game play.healers are unkillable and i have seen healers getting beat on and when they get low,bang one heal back up to full.there are a ton of issues that needs to be addressed in rifts pvp,but i do not see that happing.even small things like "charge jumping" on bull rush,thats just lol.it should work just like charge in wow with a short stun on it,you know so the warrior could actually get to his target.

    i find it funny when people call others bad button mashers/face-rollers/ spam your 1 shot macros and all that.but they think its good game play/skill to "spam" jump/space bar to negate gap closers like bull rush.its not skill but rather bad game design.
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    Well the change was sort of needed because after they fixed the chloro bug it caused a issue with no healers. Trust me been pvp'n almost constantly for like 3 weeks and there was a lack of healing. Only issue they adjusted to far up.

    What has been made by QQ can be unmade by QQ!!!

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    tested it a bit more these days. generally i like it, ppl dont die so easy,maybe the heal should be nerfed a little?

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