No long recruitment speech, we are looking for competent raider tanks / heals or dps to fill a rotation spot in our progression ten man DS group. We raid daytime / mornings Wed - Fri 10am to 1pm CST and some Mondays depending on progression. We are currently 2/8 H DS and 6/7 H FL. Full guild bank access for chants and such, guild repairs and the company of screwed up daytime raiders If interested app on our website. Check out our raid logs and youtube vids at the following links as well. We mean business. We had to restructure a bit after SWTOR came out but we are well on our way to 3/8 H. If you have questions hit me up on RealID at [email protected]

Twilight Incursion
Horde Quel'Dorei Server
Guild Leader / Raid Master
12 Years MMO Experience

Currently Recruiting With Priority:
Tanks: Any
Heals: Any
DPS: DK, Warrior, Enhance Shaman, Warlock, Boomkin. (Though any geared toon would be considered)
All with strong offspecs.