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    Ultraxion 10 HM Question concering Healoutput

    Hello there, please excuse my english =) Just my second language. Since there is only a "Fix my DPS" Topic.. and no "Fix my Heal" Topic...

    Anyway, I am a Holy Priestress raiding 10 man (the shadow specc is just for fun, usually there's a rarely-used disc specc) and we are, as many others, trying our luck at hardmodes. Our regular Holy Paladin had internet problems and thus we had another Holypaladin this week (and previous week..) and we needed 12 tries on Ultraxion HM.

    Here is the Kill-log: worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-a863ic9z63tbe716/sum/damageDone/?s=8457&e=8793
    Feliara, Aegwynn EU

    Sorry can't link yet :P
    In my opinion the tanks took so many damage that I had to focus alot on them :/ at least in previous tries. I tried to not focus too much on them but I guess I could have spend more time on Prayer of Healing? I kinda think my HPS is lower than it should be...
    I would be very very happy if you have some advice how I could output more. We Did: Pala: Green+Blue and I took red. Maybe the Holypala Red+Blue and myself green? I wanted to do that one but our RL didn't want that... If you suggest Disc then I just have the same answer: RL didn't want me to specc Disc.
    Next time I want to do better and not wipe at tank deaths..

    Thanks alot in advance
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    It is, in fact, a sad day when the holy priest has to cover tank heals and spot heals. Frankly, though, blue-buffed holy radiance is so much more powerful than PoH under any of the buffs that you have to just take one for the team and do it. Convince your RL that pally takes blue - it's a world of difference. Blue is wasted on priest, because you're already GCD capped when the lust goes out. You gain nothing, but hpally gets a 7 (8?) tick HR. Even moreso if you're being forced to use GH for tank support - blue buff is even more horrible for the priest, then. At least with green you can FH and benefit from serenity.

    I have a hard time deciphering logs in swedish.
    How far in does ultraxion die? That looks to me like about the end of 1st timeloop - is this correct? Is your bear tank soaking every hour? If so he's probably trying to avoid tanking as much as possible. But the way you can even out damage most for timeloop (allowing you to spam PoH which is what you should want) is by rotating tank cooldowns, so make sure bear tanks some during 1st half of timeloop.

    Beserk + agi potion + lust provides and immense amount of self healing with feral 2p under quick pulsing AoE. Find out when he's using beserk.

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    Thanks alot, actually I guess I wasn't clear on the buffs =) the pala took blue and green and I took red. Edited it so I won't confuse anyone else.

    I thought that WOL would switch in english for english users *sigh* so I guess the log is really stupid for you people to look at (it's german not swedish ^^')
    Ultraxion died at 5:36, don't know which loop that is :/
    The bear didn't soak every hour, I think it was every 2nd or 3d.. they had so many people soaking, I can't really remember all. Hunter/Protpaladin, Rogue/Mage, Shadow/Bear .. or something like that. At the end the DPS-Warrior soaked, but I was too slow putting up my Spirit on him.. *cough* (was told too late).
    Thanks for the advice for the bear, I'll tell him when I have time to
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    I'm confused, what seems to be the issue here? You're being forced to heal the tanks because the paladin is spamming his superior Holy Radiance? Not to be rude or anything, but suck it up. Healing is not a competition. Healing is about keeping everyone alive, and if that requires you to heal in a semi-flawed way then you do that!

    Personally I just play attonement disc on this fight. I watch raid frames and if i feel the paladin falls behind then I assist, otherwise I just smite the boss. Last kill I managed 3,7 mill dmg ~ 22k hps.
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    Your healing is fine. You're a tad bit behind the paladin which kind of only means your paladin should learn to push HR more <.< You keeping up with him after he gets the bluebuff in effective healing, that's alot of overhealing in that case : / Holy radiance and your own top spells had 25-30% overhealing, so dont freak out and just let the paladin's HR cover the raid.

    We do this with disc (really dont understand why your RL doesnt want you as disc it's by far the most useful spec next to a paladin) and holypaladin and our priest pretty much only smites for the first few minutes. It's not that atonement is that good for this fight, but the damage ramps up at such a predictable rate that the paladin can take care of it himself. As the post above me states, a priest can do several million damage meaning you'd kill him that much faster

    But if all you're worried about is the HPS meters, the only way you would stay above the paladin is if you take blue. It is good for you, but also a paladin without it wont be so damn OP on that fight.

    Also, logs are in german, but cursoring over spells gives the english tooltip. So it's not that hard to make sense of them

    Edit: For the love of god tell your warrior to use slam. Breaks my heart seeing Arms #1 ability being heroic strike and 0 slams. And if he glyphs shieldwall he can eat a HoT without any external cooldowns (macro defensive stance+1H+shield and 60% shieldwall). We do this ever week as we use painsupression on our DK.
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