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    Edit: Fraps killed my performance a little and I was nervous so maybe I can get better
    Go for it! From the little parts I watched, I noticed that you can most likely use haunt more often (basically on cooldown) and also squeeze in a whole lot more drain soul in last phase.

    GL HF

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    also I would probably use shadowflame more often but I had the mark(so one group was standing near me) so i didn't want to run arround that much

    Yeah ... last phase was a little chaotic .. I think it was the fourth time we came that far ^^

    Also if a dmgmeter during the fight is so important a mage from us also made a video:
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    One tip for what I usually do: I save my CDs (SB and Demon Soul) for the corruptions. Unless you have low raid dps, the parasite, bolts, and main arm tentacles should die quickly enough. The corruption dps, I've found, seems to be more important so your tanks don't die from extra impales.

    Just my two cents.

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