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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsi View Post
    Oh, please. Soloing three <30 players on my 46 Marauder? Easy peasy.

    When I get jumped by 10-30, I walk away from fight with 80% HP.

    Game badly needs brackets.
    Killing multiple people who are terrible at the game doesn't mean the game needs brackets.
    80% of the people who PvP in the 10-49 are really really terrible.
    I have killed many many players in the 40s on several characters in the teens.

    a Skilled level 20 something will beat a terrible level 40 something.
    Just as a skilled level 40 something can kill multiple terrible low levels.

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    Also one thing to add...Cross-Server queueing is not a viable answer. Empire outnumbers Republic across the board. Cross-Server queueing only helps if some servers are imbalanced one way and other servers the other way. When every server is a 60/40 or 70/30 split in the Empire's favor, there isn't anything meaningful in Cross-Server queueing. Plus, I do like seeing the same faces from my server in Warzones. It does help promote a sort of rivalry and nemesis feeling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamburger View Post
    If this is true it makes me feel sorry for the consulars since the Inq story it utter rubbish.
    Nothing in this thread is quite as true as this. Like I said above, after the first act it's just a total letdown.

    But hey, at least Revel has a voice worth logging in for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeeSting View Post
    Faction imbalance sounds exactly like my old WoW server where Alliance outnumbered us Horde by 5:1 (or something like that). Sure made it satisfying to win though
    QFTW. Truly, if being on the underdog isn't where its at. Sorry, but far too many want to be carried and have no more challenge than logging into the game. If your server is upside down then be on the down side. PvP at least then is a challenge
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rawt View Post
    PVP in SWTOR is the worst i've ever seen. I woulds highly advise against getting into the game for PVP, unless they change some things up.
    Oh please. If you're not going to say anything as to why or how or what ASPECT of PvP you're even talking about, you're just trolling.
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    I had really hoped Bioware wouldn't have had this much emphasize on gear in this game, expertise makes pvp somewhat broken at 50, unless both sides are able to run in full pvp gear.

    I play a scoundrel on a server that seemed really balanced when lvl'ing up, pvp was awesome and it was around a 50-50 win rate. Atm though I am getting really discouraged from pvp'ing at 50. I am in full champion gear (rank 53), so I don't have too many issues facing all the battlemasters the imperials got, but starting out with 4-6 people, where half is in lvl'ing gear is a loss mostly there. It also just grow worse and worse, as with no wins, fewer will sign, noone is getting new gear and even more heavy losses is ensured. Should be noted though, that the server I play on seems to be low-pop which doesn't make this better.

    What I think Bioware should do to rectify some of these things (although I am fully aware it is never going to happen), is make all pvp gear same Ilvl, cut damage and healing output by 50%, perhaps healing a bit more as healers are very potent atm and at the same time remove all expertise. What I mean by making pvp gear same Ilvl is that whenever you enter a warzone or pvp combat your stats on gear will automatically change to some set amount of stats, just influenced a bit by how you have allocated your secondary stats. I am not quite sure of how this should be implemented, or how it should work, was just an idea of the top of head.

    Off topic, from what I have seen so far, the republic quest have been absolutely awesome, but the only imperial alt I've got is a sorceror and the overarching story just blows, except for a few planets that has been very good (nar shadda especially). Also so far I have enjoyed the planets main quests on republic side more than the imperial versions, going to Voss later though to see if it can compare to the epicness of the republic version.

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    i play on The Fatman on US, pretty fun fights for Republic which is what I play, we spend a lot of time camping in base, but early mornings and afternoon, we have some pushes where we push them all far back, we have a lot of fun. Also, solo queueing I win around 8/10 games, and it`s 50/50 a lot of the time as well.

    Plus, who would want to play Empire? I like never having to play Hutball, thanks I don`t want to be a tool and search in google "What server has the most Empire dominated, wins all PvP", sorry, but I ain`t like that. I`m a good player and I like a challenge, and besides, more players doesn`t mean better

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarpedAcorn View Post
    You should be able to stomp bad players of any level. I've done quite well 1v1'ing and 1v2'ing on my Assassin in the lower 20's vs. players in their 30's and 40's. And conversely had several Grey-Con players give me a run for my money (because I am a dead average PvPer). I think the Bolster mechanic is working fairly well, and coupled with the fact that most classes get their core abilities early on means you fairly balanced gameplay. Higher levels will, of course, have more access to situational skills and abilities. In your specific case, you'll be able to do a defensive rotation using all 3 of your CD's, coupling your 99% damage reduction with a Warzone Health Stim. But your offense isn't much different from lower level.
    Isn't it? Let's see.. Low level marauders don't even generate 30 fury during 1 fight, while I use +15% damage increase (that's pretty offensive) and Berserker (both OFFENSE and defence) sometimes twice. Getting 3k crits with Annihilate and Vicious Throw? Check, not available under 40. Not to mention with talents +15% bleed damage, +30% bleed crit damage.

    Bolster gives you stats but not talent points. Don't know how other classes live with their talents, but every point I put in my Marauder just makes him noticably stronger. 1 fury generated while taking damage = more damage = more survivability. Tried PvPing with my 16 Operative, another 43 Operative raped my face with 1,5x more powerful Backstabs and wtf dot damage.

    Atleast with my Marauder at 20 I couldn't do shit in warzones. Pathetic damage, dying many times. Now when he's 48, I just obliterate everything I see, 300k damage medal, 3k defence medal. And no, it's not because I got better, played friend's 50 Marauder for a week prior to rolling one and current playstyle doesn't differ from when I was playing with friend's character.
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