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    H Morchok - holy priest need insight

    Our guild killed Deathwing 3 weeks in a row now, and we've been trying a couple of attempts at heroic Morchok, but we've been failing miserably. My main spec is shadow, and/but since we're running 2 10-mens, we need a 4th healer and so my guild expect me to heal, which is ok, but I can't say I'm very experienced healing raids. (been shadow for the last 3 years!)

    This is me, if someone need to know. I think my gear is ok for this, not superb though. I'm holy and I'm not sure which chakra I'm supposed to use. I think the Sanctuary is not that good, as I won't be using HW:S much? Or quite the opposite the aoe factor surpasses Serenity/Renew madness?

    We're good on splitting, soaking the crystals and taking the 1st stomp, but then it feels like a TON of heals to do, while moving around for the crystals. Halp?

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    I would stay in sanctuary. Keep renews rolling on everyone. Have people stand in HW:S. Use COH lots and hymn when things get a bit nasty.

    Oh and Lightwell.


    EDIT: Just saw your spec. 3/3 Twin disciplines please. Consider moving points from Darkness or surge of light.
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    Definitely pick up 3/3 Twin Disciples, that talent isn't optional in any of the priest builds (Holy, Disc, or Shadow).
    Optional tweaks to the spec would also include shifting points out of Rapid Renewal and Divine touch and putting points into Blessed Resilence.

    Binding Heal gets used a load more in DS, and the boost to self healing has a noticeable impact.

    Regarding style and chakra, the way I do it and I do 10H as Holy is as follows:

    -Chakra Serenity
    -Renew the whole group you are in
    -Binding Heal the lowest health person, usually the Tank or Soaker
    -Fheal/Gheal/Holy Word the rest
    -Keep the renews refreshed with the above direct heals *** <--- this one is important for this method to work well
    -use CoH and PoH when able to but don't let the Renews fall off. If the Renews fall off, cast new ones!
    -Keep PoM bouncing, and definitely put on the soaker when twin stomps during his enrage

    You can definitely go the Chakra Sanctuary route but you'll have a harder time with your mana (your regen isn't exactly top notch).
    Regardless, using holy word Sanctuary is bad advise. Too much moving around and not enough people to stand in it, it's a waste of a cast

    I prefer the Serenity method hands down. Most of your healing on a breakdown should come from Binding Heal and Renews, with an even split among the rest below those two. Once you pick up the rhythm for keeping Renew refreshed, it's very fluid. Save DH and GS for the enrage, and don't be afraid to 'let someone die' from GS and heal other targets.


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    Another alternative is to try disc out, Best way to do it is to PoH ur group a few times before the stomp or crystal damage goes out. I also find myself just bubble spamming b/c the mana required to keep people alive isnt all that demanding. But if you are going to give disc a shot i would recommend Ingela's Rapture to make sure that you get the most mana out of your PW:S's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cephius View Post
    I would stay in sanctuary. Keep renews rolling on everyone. Have people stand in HW:S. Use COH lots and hymn when things get a bit nasty.

    Oh and Lightwell.


    EDIT: Just saw your spec. 3/3 Twin disciplines please. Consider moving points from Darkness or surge of light.
    I agree with this. Get Twin Disciplines.

    When I heal this as Holy, I just stick in Sanctuary the whole time for the stronger AOE healing since I'm not doing too much single target healing (and also the renew spam). I sometimes just toss a Sanctuary when everyone's in range (by everyone, I mean 5 people) to be in it. I don't care too much for wasting it since mana isn't a problem on this fight. Feel free to blow through your mana, it's a pretty short fight. I find Lightwell to be rather crap on this fight, since there's so much random movement that's out of your control, you'll likely be out of range of the Lightwell pretty quickly.

    PoH and CoH spam. Bind Heal and Flash Heal as you see needed. Keep Renews rolling.

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    Your spec could use some tweaking, but others have pointed that out.

    With boss mods you know exactly when the stomps are going to occur. I shield and ProM the soaker (we use a feral druid and dk - sometimes they switch forms/presence too late so the 25k bubble might be enough to save them). I time my PoHs to land just after a stomp hits and then immediately CoH and PoH again. I spend the entire fight in Sanctuary.

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    If you are a unexperienced healer and only need to help out for morchok, go disc. All you need to do is shield your group, and in between you can atonment smite.

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    Giving us a bit more information about who you are healing with and what class is soaking on your side can help us a bit. As people have mentioned, you need to change your spec a bit. This is the spec I use. Your gear is more than adequate. I am MS shadow and help heal this fight as holy as you are doing. I heal with a holy pally on my side (resto druid and disc priest run the other). There is an extra stomp if you are on Morchok's side, so make sure your stronger group is over there.

    I sit in Sanctuary the whole time, just for the added benefit of the AoE healing. I imagine a renew with Serenity would work also, dependent on your healing partner. Make sure to precast PoH so that it lands right after the stomp damage. This is important. Our tanks move the boss close enough to the crystal so we don't have to move until right after the stomp, then when we land from the crystal explosion, we don't have to move again until the next crystal. This allows me to cast as much as possible. Throw a couple flash heals on the tank or soaker for the faster PoH cast. Use CoH and PoM on CD. I wait until after the first black blood phase to drop lightwell, as positioning is kind of all over the place on the first cycle. The best time to use a Hymn is right after you land from a crystal explosion if you don't think people are high enough. Make sure groups are arranged so all 5 of you are in the same one (probably obvious but very important). I'm running with 2500 spirit, tsunami and eye of blazing power for my trinkets, and four piece T12. I regen back to full mana during black blood phases. If you need to mana hymn or use a concentration pot, black blood phase is the best time. I save GS for our soaker sub 20%.

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    Do you use the Flash Heal+PoH combo for faster casting, or is it not mana efficient/worth it?
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    Using serendipity for this fight isn't that important, since you'll be pre casting PoH for each stomp - the extra haste on your PoH won't mean much because it will land (along with a CoH) 0.5 seconds after a stomp. The people taking the crystals can be healed up using FH and Binding Heal.

    You can afford to be very aggressive on this fight. Pop Shadowfiend and mana hymn on one black phase to get most of your mana back... and if that isn't enough use a potion of concentration on another.

    Here's a recording of me and a resto shaman healing the weaker side (I made quite a few mistakes so it isn't perfect but it should give you an idea atleast):

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiGG View Post
    Do you use the Flash Heal+PoH combo for faster casting, or is it not mana efficient/worth it?

    The only time that's worth it is if you're fishing up serendipity to 2 when you have literally nothing else to do, to haste a future PoH. You probably need a really huge manapool to support that behavior, and really timing a PoH (pre-casting it to go out the moment stomp hits) gets exactly the same results.

    In terms of standing throughput, FH is a HPS loss but barely. Serendipity gives you back ALMOST everything you lost on your next PoH. Basically this means that when things start to get hectic (from 2nd stomp until just before final stomp) you need to be spamming FH-FH-PoH (binding instead anytime you have a health deficit), to keep everyone even with maximum throughput. Someone gotta do spotheals, and FH is strong because it doesn't lose you much aoe. Any spare time you have before the next big wave of damage hits, crystal or stomp, is spent spreading out renews. They help considerably on the other side of that incoming damage.

    Sanc is OK, even on 4 targets it has higher HPCT than renew. This fight is about burst, not effic, so if you find yourself OOMing on the last leg the first thing you cut is a few of your renew precasts, or maybe a couple flashes (if someone else on your side can spot heal more often than they were).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiGG View Post
    We're good on splitting, soaking the crystals and taking the 1st stomp, but then it feels like a TON of heals to do, while moving around for the crystals. Halp?
    That sounds like you're on the morchok side then, because there's really not a lot to do on Kochrom's side. If you're not a very experienced healer I'm wondering why you aren't on Kochrom?

    Also with Kochrom's side note that his crystal always spawns towards the temple, so already be on that side so you don't have to move as much.
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    Just run 4 healers and completely nullify any challenge in the fight.

    Even a DPS geared healer offspec is enough, it's a short fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yiest View Post
    Just run 4 healers and completely nullify any challenge in the fight.

    Even a DPS geared healer offspec is enough, it's a short fight.
    He is the 4th healer. Did you not read his post?

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    Run Sanctuary Chakra. Divine Hymn isn't as useful on this fight because you tend to get knocked back before the cast ends. Lightwell can be okay. Mostly, lean on BH and on POH, and Renew/HW:Sanc before the big hits go out. Also, pre-cast POH to land right after the stomp hits. Be ready to snap-GS the tank for emergencies, especially if your guild hasn't done many HM fights and the tanks aren't used to being pushed to use their cooldowns effectively. Abuse the Serendipity you get from BH for massive healing. The trick to this fight is getting everyone back into the safe zone ASAP after big damage without running OOM too quickly. This makes Test of Faith pretty much amazing by the way.

    Talk to your fellow healer on your side, and choose which targets you're going to focus on if you're having trouble keeping folks alive. Someone should focus on the Tank, especially during the enrage. Holy is probably best to focus on healing the entire side, while the other healer heals the tank and the soaker.

    Glyphs. Pick up Inner Fire and drop COH if you're doing this on 10 man. You won't have more than 5 targets to heal so the COH glyph is wasted mana, while IF really helps take the sting off of Stomp. Also, Blessed Resilience and Desperate Prayer.

    Also, you can put whichever healers are weaker/less experienced on the Kochrom side. That side takes many fewer crystals. Just make sure the healer comp makes sense (there's a tank healer and a raid healer, basically).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharissa View Post
    Did you not read his post?
    Hmm, I kinda skipped it and assumed he was struggling due to 2-healer setup.

    Well, I'll offer some more help then :
    If you're the 4th backup healer, go on Korchom side.
    Keep lightwell down for when you are running to the crystal.
    Keep renew up on the tank and soaker. PoM the soaker or tank for Stomps.
    As soon as you see you see the cast of stomp from his foot or your mods, begin casting your PoH, I usually find it takes 2 followed by a CoH to get the group up to reasonable health levels.
    In between this, you'll only need to heal the tank and top the odd DPS off with filler spells.
    Don't be scared to use Hymn if you fall behind a bit, it's a very short fight.
    Don't be scared to Guadian Spirit the tank whilst moving if he's low.
    Don't hold back on mana for the same reason. Just fiend + hymn on like the 3rd black phase.

    I did this at pretty low gear levels with a low gear level tank; deathwing was much harder to heal. Good luck, just practice it mate

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    We had a similar discussion just recently. You may want to have a look at that also


    PS: Yeah, fix your spec ;P
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    Ok, I respec'ed, hope all is good on that part. I did my first LFR as a healer, managed to finish second to 4th on all bosses (heals+absortion), which is fine by me. I noticed 2 problems though: I wasn't great on using HW:S, seems I need a visual insentive, more than just CC Timer dropping secs on the icon, and also I need to know if I'll be needing to shield the offtank for h Morchok. Also, I used Binding Heal FOUR times, back in BC, and it wasn't practical for me to keybind it (small hands, not enough fingers hehe) and so I never used after.

    Reading the answers above, seems the 2 chakras are viable, but is there one that is THE best? I really would want to do this tonight, still need to clear a few things. Help me Obi One Kenobi, you're my only hope.

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    As the Shadow Priest also going 4th healer on this fight, I just use my DPS gear an go with Disc spec since the gear complements it more + the fight has VERY predictable AoE damage (hell I don't even swap out my trinkets). Mainly just bubble the person soaking with tank and Prayer of Healing.

    I do find it very hard to fit in a constant Smite spam, so I've just been trying to keep Holy Fire on CD and setup my next AA into PoH smap.

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    The key to this fight is the realization that even with 4 healers it's a really short fight so you can get away with blowing mana intensive spells to get people up quickly and still have mana and maybe even cooldowns left over, get everyone on the same boat and healing it should be a hell of a lot easier.

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