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    Broken Ilum and BW lying about the nerf to Marauders - great patch haha.

    I spent an hour in Ilum and got 5 kills - gave up, went into a WZ won 2 and didn't get any credit, logged off.

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    Kills on Ilum have never counted for me >_>

    It's rare to find the other faction (I'm Empire) on Ilum so when one manages to and actually kills them, it's an absolute pain in the arse when it doesn't count... like a million times more than not realising your WZs aren't counting towards the weekly after winning a bunch in a row.


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    The Ilum kills were fixed in the late afternoon. All kills are working normally.
    I received about 50 kill credits in 30 minutes.

    I suggest you post these issue on the SW:TOR forums for the most accurate information.

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    Yes, kills are working now, so if anyone is reading this thread late... no, we were not lying.
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