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    Question Humans and nationality

    Hey I was wondering as I read through the human article explaining about them and Lion's Arch I noticed it said that Canthans, Elonians and Orrians can be found in Lion's Arch alongside Krytans and Ascalonians so I was wondering whether I'd be able to reflect that in character creation as I get kinda bored just playing white humans and like to see more variety in humans in fantasy.

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    i think your specific human character is from divinity's reach, as it plays a huge role in your personal story. Of course u will be able to edit skin tone so u dont have to make a white character. Maybe as more regions open up they will add personal story's for those places but i dont think they will.

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    by now elonians and canthans have lived in DR long enough to have children who who belong to those cultures but still live in kryta
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    In the GStar convention build in Korea, GW2 had more Asian looking humans.
    People QQ'd and claimed they had changed the game to make it look more Asian to try to get Korean sales, but ArenaNet responded by saying that they used Canthan faces in customisation to appeal more to local players, and that the Asian looking faces would be available as well as the Caucasian looking faces in the release version.

    So TL;DR, yes you should be able to make non-white humans.

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    You can definitely make a Canthan or Elonian character in terms of looks. I think at G*Star they had the more asian looking faces and Arenanet commented that those were the Canthan faces.

    Googled it:

    Eric Flannum: We have always wanted to allow players the option to have their humans look Ascalonian, Canthan, Krytan, and Elonan. Until now we mostly had Ascalonian with a few Krytan style faces here and there. It seemed like a good idea to add some of our Canthan style faces for the G-Star demo. Once again, the addition of Canthan and eventually Elonan style facial features has always been the plan.

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    That's awesome nice to see Kryta is as diverse in game as it is in Lore.

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