So I didn't get the achievement for the matrons bones event. Even after my character saying the quote I read on a wiki site, so I'm pretty sure I should have got the achievement. So I thought this was a bug, its not some achievement that beta only like get all classes to 13 blah blah, stuff like that. So I figure this is a bug I should report it, I'm a BETA [email protected]!

So I follow the ingame support button to the forums,
Oh wait I can't post on the forums I don't have an active wow account! fail
So I file a ticket as if i lost something in game, cause there is not direct beta feedback in game! fail
Here is the response I got

Hello there,

This is Shannon from the Account & Technical Services department here at Blizzard Entertainment. Thank you for taking the time to contact us. You mentioned you weren't able to access the forums so some of below may not apply, but as this is the beta, we have no way of passing this information along to the developers or the forums here in Account & Technical Services. I apologize for the lack of support, but keep in mind that the beta changes constantly and characters can be wiped when they reset so rewards and achieves are not that significant.
I don't want the achievement!
I want to report the bug!