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    [H] Death Wísh of Zul'jin 4/8HM - LF Ranged

    Death Wish is a 10m guild located on US-Zul'jin. We enjoy raiding in a relaxed atmosphere while still maintaining solid progression. We have 10 raiders and are looking to expand our roster in the range of 12-13 to have an optimal roster for heroic dragon soul.

    Looking For
    1 tank with a strong dps offspec
    1 ranged (mage/warlock)

    Dragon Soul 4/8HM (mor/yor/zon/ultra)
    Firelands 6/7HM + META achievement mounts

    We Raid 3 times a week.

    Tuesday 8:30-11:30
    Thursday 8:30-11:30
    Monday 8:30-11:30

    We also do an ALT raid on Friday with optional attendance.

    Free flasks and other consumables
    Guild repairs on 24/7
    Relaxed yet progression minded raiding


    Feel free to pst any of our officers if you have any questions
    In Game contacts: Calimon, Katê, Rexuz

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