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    Not happy with my ultrax DPS

    I did 10man norm ultrax this week (had to heal it in the past) and i was not happy with my dps from it. Here are my logs http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=9684&e=9989
    The armory is down right now but my chars name is Cantstopthis-Illidan US
    my ilvl was 392 and i had norm gurth (we were standing close so my wep proc did do damage) Even though i only saw about 2-3 procs from it.
    Any tips would be helpful. 34k just seems low for the gear that i have. Last week on morchok i pulled 38k (Duration was 1min 34 seconds).
    The only reason i see for my low dps is possibly the raids overall low dps (Less time with CD's during the encounter).

    Added link to armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...pthis/advanced
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    Ummm, back hurt any? Tanking H ultrax im usually doing 19k dps, those guys need to step it up.

    i saw some bad rng w/ fading light towards the end w/ time warp... Try double potting!

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    I must be missing something, but how do you have 2 feral druids doing less dmg than your prot warrior? :s

    Edit: one died halfway, never mind.
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    Your DPS is ok for ret's atm and with your gear. I agree with Rubert, your group just sucks. You have a CAT (not bear) druid doing 11k, a hunter at 18k, and a shammy at 23k. I mean your way better than the rest of your group, but I know on my lock I can do more than that on that fight and I am only 380.

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    Replace the cat lol, your DPS is fine.

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    If all of those characters are equally geared to you then they are doing something horribly wrong. The Feral tanks dps is horrindus and the cats damage is for only 50% of the fight but is quite low for the time he was dpsing.

    You and the rogue are the only ones doing the numbers you should be. Send that bear to http://theincbear.com/ and tell him to L2P. Not sure what you can do for the hunter except slap him around a bit. Looks like your cat needed more healing so thats not his fault.

    Edit: Funny looking at logs is hard guys: The cat died to lack of heals

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    All things considered, I think you're doing alright. A 5:05 fight is a very bad fight length given GoAK's cooldown, uncoordinated timing between Time Warp and AW/Zeal (and you had to Heroic Will during one AW/Zeal), you don't have the 8% spell damage debuff, and I think your Templar's Verdict crit rate happened to be on the low side that night...

    Did you have the 10% attack speed buff (i.e. one Shaman used Windfury totem)?

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    Your DPS is on schedule, and would prolly be okay for Ultraxion10H, after that 5% nerf. Your main concern here is the bad DPS in your group. I guess the hunter died from an Hour of Twilight, seeing how that is missing from the log, but even then, 19k is even bad for Firelands... The Feral druid did 22k if you only look at the first half of the fight, in which he lived, which is also bad. And well, your shaman and mage could do with some improving as well, even tho I guess your mage is doing enough considering you are only doing normals so far... If you really care about your DPS a lot, well, I guess there is about 5k in DPS you might be able to increase by playing a bit better, but considering your raid group, it wouldn't seem the biggest issue you have...

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    The cat is actually second dps on all other kills; he died halfway ultraxion so that's what killed his dmg/dps.

    My vote as to who to remove from your raid goes to the hunter. He's just dead last on every kill with horrible dps.

    Edit: can moderater please add a poll to vote on who should be removed from the raid?

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    The cat feral on ultrax normally tanks other fights. We just wanted to change it up a little. We are replacing the ele shaman and probally the hunter also. But, on the other fights i did more dps than what i did on ultrax. I just seems wierd i can do 35k on morchok but not on ultrax

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petraclese View Post
    The cat feral on ultrax normally tanks other fights. We just wanted to change it up a little. We are replacing the ele shaman and probally the hunter also. But, on the other fights i did more dps than what i did on ultrax. I just seems wierd i can do 35k on morchok but not on ultrax
    because Ultraxion fight lasted a lot LONGER than Morchok, and yes that can severly boost/decrease dps

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    From what I've seen personally, melee DPS is quite high on the meters in dragon soul. We don't have a fire mage so it's usually Rogue, Arms warrior, then the rest. Even I pull more DPS on my lesser geared melee alt than on my range main.

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    392 and 34k dps? What do you expect here to see? Maybe 1 to 1.5k more but thats about it. And your druids sucks balls. 38% uptime on rake and rip. He wanked while tabbed out or smth?

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    your dps is fine, bro
    I dont play in a hardcore no-lifer guild, but in a 2 days a week "hardcore" mythic guild.

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    Short story short and to echo everyone else in the thread, your dps is fine. If you really want to move up a few thousand...

    Tentacle procs baby. You only had 3 during the 5 minute fight. Sometimes I get none, sometimes I get 1000 and pull 500K DPS. Well not me, I'm not that lucky.

    On a note you can influence, try to work out when the group is going to lust and plan your cooldowns accordingly. On a 5 minute fight, you can only get three sets of avenging and zealotry. You can spend a little time with them on cooldown (30 seconds, longer and you'll finish the fight with them up) and not having to worry about missing a set. That said, don't use guardian until lust, and save your second pot for the lust too. That'll be a pretty serious increase, I think. Just to give you an idea, I would have held off on the third set of cooldowns until lust was popped because you couldn't have gotten another set in regardless of how quickly you used it. Then use guardian and a pot on that third set with lust.

    Also, though it's really minor, look out for using avenging wrath and zealotry a bit earlier in the fight. It's good that you are getting your guardian stacks up before using it but the prepot falls off before the cooldown ends. If you want to be really specific make sure you can see your important buff durations easily. There are a bunch of good addons for this, I won't go into them. Then use avenging wrath and zealotry as close to 20 seconds before the pot ends as possible. With 7500 strength (more than I have but my gear is a bit worse) 4 stacks of guardian with a pot is more strength than 20 stacks without. Either way, this is irrelevant if you aren't using guardian at the start and waiting for lust that is happening later on.

    As a group, you can pull with the dbm timer of ultraxion landing to get another few seconds out of prepots and you (should) can lust at the beginning of the fight when all of the dps cooldowns will be up. More damage means less healing on this fight and lust doesn't help healers with blue. (Healers can also hit heroic will at the start of the fight right before lust goes out and not get the sated debuff then when the healers need a lust the second shaman can do it).

    To be clear, absolutely none of this matters for normal.

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    Again I shall restate everyone else, get rid of anyone below 20k or make them fix it. With 5 mans giving 378 there is no reason to be that low. Also on the kill you posted you guys didn't use hero at all. I would always make sure hero is up at the start of the fight so everyone's cds are up. I posted this somewhere else too, but the longer the fight goes (if its under 6 minutes) your dps is going to be lower since the burst from guardian + CDs will keep your dps higher even during the 25k dps periods.

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    Pulled 36.7k this week if anyone still cares. ty for all the help. (no one was below 25k this week so i'm sure that helped quite a bit also )

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