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    [A] <Flatus Squirrelus> LF Ret/Holy Paladin IMMEDIATELY!


    DS progress guild is looking for a stable RET paladin with holy OS or Elemental shaman with Resto OS that they are willing to use on a regular basis. We are looking to fill one slot with a dedicated raider who has close to 100% attendance so we can finish out 8/8 and move into heroics quickly. Our core has 8/8 and beyond experience. We are willing to gear the right person.

    Raid times: Weds/Thurs 7-10pm CST.

    [email protected] is my realID.

    Don't just be good at what you do; Thrive at it.
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    Flatus Squirrelus is now 6/8 with attempts on spine, we'll have it down this week. Still looking for that healer.

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