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    Advice for shadow

    Recently i've switched from healing to shadow dps. I pull alright damage but i recently changed my UI and some reforging and i noticed a dps decrease last week. What i did was i went from roughly 2.6k haste down to 2.1k and put the rest into mastery. I did this and noticed a decrease in my dps. my armory is here http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...thric/advanced and here is my guilds logs http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-7umjm7ir4rh2gt8g/. If you need to know anything else i will reply. Sorry for the bad English it is not my first language

    *Note i do not have a 4 set or a staff but i had DI!!!!
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    push haste/crit until you get 4 set, mastery does nothing for shadow word death.
    the extra crit should increase damage through vplc too, so cant really go wrong.

    armory says you're 1% over hit cap, should probably fix that

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    Re: Advice for shadow

    The only thing I noticed after a cursory look over your Morchok kill is that Empowered Shadows is only up for 84.9% of the fight. Even during the black blood phase you should be able to dps the boss. Find a gap in the spikes and go to town.

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    try one of those reforgin addons and lower your hit around 17% and to boost your other stats even though they are already fine as i can see.. there must be maybe a prob with your rotation or the lack of the 4piece bonus... and u should level up your engineer too and place some epic gems to your heroic gear at least

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    25 Imp. DP casts, well worth spamming the hell out of that any time you're moving (morchok)

    yoshi everyone else did double or triple your damage on the adds, be sure to keep ES up by keeping an sw rolling on the boss for orb procs, dot the forgotten ones up as they are spawning before they get to sear range

    zonzz your dps bombed before heroism, not sure if you dispersed a bounce or something, also dot uptimes 93% VT and 88% dp seem a bit low
    drop the hit over 17% you'll be dandy

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