Virtue an Alliance guild on Lightbringer server is recruiting all classes for immediate core positions. We are a stable 10 man guild that has been raiding together weekly for over a year since tier 11. We are active on mains as well as alts, with optional alt runs and pvp.

Tired of carrying pugs on heroic bosses! Come get some loots!

RECRUITING FOR CORE SPOTS! You will RAID! We do not recruit for the bench, you will have a guaranteed spot unless you are one who continuously fails...which shouldn't be the case

Raid Times (90% attendance required)
-Mon 5-8ST (PST)
-Tue 5-8ST
-Wed 6-9ST
-Our raid days are subject to change, and Thursdays raids are generally shorter as we're usually just finishing our clear.

Progression information
Heroic Morchok (down)
Heroic Ultraxion (down)
Heroic Yor'sahj (down)
Heroic Warlord (down)

We're looking for players who are used to a progression environment, are not loot oriented, and know how to play their class at an exceptional level.

Loot System
We currently use loot council to determine where loot will go. Currently majority of our core is geared to the teeth, so anyone joining up will not have to wait long to get the gear they need.

If you are interested in talking, please visit and post an application on our forums. If you'd rather speak with myself first, my real ID is [email protected]

World of Logs:

Guild website: