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    Unhappy Anyone gotten "invalid name" without any clear reason?

    I know you can use a hyphen or an apostrophe (perhaps even both?) in a name. So names made in this fashion are acceptable:


    I tried to name a sentinel character "Kaor-kar", and got the invalid name error. Also tried "Kaor'kar", and thought I'd change it up a bit and tried "Kar-kaor" and "Kar'kaor". Invalid names all of them. Then I tried naming the sentinel "Kor-kaor", which isn't at all what I had in mind, but that worked!

    I'm confused... Is there something about "Kaor-kar" or "Kaor'kar" that isn't acceptable, or is there some NPC in the game with a similar name, and that's why I can't use it? I thought I was being original, even Googled it, but I guess it's possible I have subconsciously plagiarized a Star Wars character's name.

    Anyone had a similar situation, where you've come up with a name, which shouldn't have anything wrong in it, but you get the invalid name error?
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    probably a swear word in a language you never heard of, is my guess
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