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    best dps rotation for holy priest

    Hi all

    My guild is currently working on H Ultraxion in 25's

    I play holy priest.

    We have been discussing several options for healing the fight. Right now we are leaning towards 4-healing, with 2 pally, resto-shammy and myself.

    I may end up going disc, so please dont post a bunch of replies telling me to do so. For now, i will stick with holy.

    The resto-shammy and myself will be "dps" for most of the fight. I need some advice on maxing out my dps in holy spec, without nerfing my ability to heal during the last phase or blowing through too much of my mana. What is a good rotation.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vraie View Post
    There is none. None.

    Go disc, 5-heal it.

    That said, if you're intent on dpsing as holy go into disc, get AA/Evange, you won't have atonement so lol. Drop into Chakra:Chastise and HF on cd, Smite spam away...Obviously glyph for hit cap and 20% smite dmg with HF up, break into Sanc when they need help healing...

    If you do 4-heal with that comp, pallies should grab red and blue, you and the shaman can get green. GL
    ^ that 100%

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    Disc is so much better suited to DPS as a healer. HF on CD, Penance on CD, Smite Spam, and spec AA/A. As holy ... you're doing the same thing, just without Penance and Atonement.

    Although, as for a 'best rotation' for Holy DPS, I guess I'd say keep SW:P and DP on the boss, HF on CD and spam smite. I'd just say go disc though.

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    HW:Chastise ofc, use Holy fire > mind blast > smite. Keep dots up, glyph for both smites and SW: P, sfiend on CD, spec for AA but don't use AA until you have to heal (just keep 5stack evang).

    Even min/maxing your holy dps, there are easier and more efficient ways at achieving the goal you're after.
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    Just Holy Fire > Smite in Chastise.

    Our priest goes disc for it though and she can do 12-20k dps while doing 10-15k hps during the damage phase, and then pops archangel and skyrockets up the healing meter during the healing phase. Also lately with gear improvements she spends even less time actually healing and is mostly just smiting for 95% of the fight lately, but it's nice having her in a healing spec just in case. I'd like to teach her shadow though!

    I certainly enjoy holy more than disc, so I get where you are coming from on this - but people keep saying disc because it's the right call. Atonement is real.
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    I was weirdly curious about how much dps my holy priest could do, and I found the best rotation was to be in Chakra: Chastise, spam Mind Spike and use Mind Blast and Holy Fire on CD, and Shadowfiend. The bonus to shadow dmg you get in chakra is pretty huge, I was even doing more dps than my disc spec. Of course, this is not mana efficient at all, nothing you can do as holy is efficient though, so *shrug*.

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