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    Cool Debating tier VS Heroic gear

    My priest name is chckngumbo. Shadow spec goblin on dalaran server. My raid group has pretty much gotten 8/8 DS
    Down to farm status and we've defeated heroic morchok 3 times now. I've received the heroic shoulders from him. I
    have the 397 tier hands and chest and the lfr tier legs and head. My ilvl is 397.

    Tuesday the heroic chest dropped of morchok and I got it. I also received the 397 tier shoulder token later in the raid. We have a general raid rule that people get their 4 pc before any more upgrades are handed out excluding the fact if
    there is loot that drops for specific class and spec that noone else can use. I passed shoulder off to someone else. I am
    now left with the decision to :
    1) equiP the heroic shoulders and chest and lose the dps and orb power from the 4 pc
    2) equip heroic shoulders and keep 4 pc bonus (current setup)
    3) wait for tier shoulders to drop again and equip heroic chest from morchok

    Here is where I need some opinions.....my haste rating with option #2 is at 34.92% in shadow form. My haste with
    option 1 is 34.97 so only .05% difference. The spell power is also increased by 200 with the 2 heroic pieces. I tested
    both option 1 and 2 on a raid dummy non buffed and buffed and both times the dps was only an overall 1k higher with the 2 heroic pieces, which doesn't make sense caus the tier bonus for the t13 4 pc ahold be making that number higher.
    I know raid dummies don't measure accurately what you really put outin raid format, but am still wrestling with this problem, anyone have any ideas or opiniOns that might help?

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    I'd stick with the 4 piece bonus and grab tier shoulders when they drop, so option 2 then 3.

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    To much haste with 4p. Aim to get to VT+2 (30%) fully buffed (DI etcetc) and then get more mastery.
    HC shoulders have haste crit which is better than msatery/crit that you'll get from tier shoulders.
    HC chest and tier chest offers the same stats (spirit/haste) and does not give the same advantage as the shoulders.

    Equip Murchok HC shoulders and the rest as tier. Do not break 4set. Do not use the murchok HC chest instead of the shoulders when it drops. Go with this setup I've said (unless you for some reason get HC tier shoulders and not HC tier chest) untill you get gloves from spine HC. Profit.

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    The set bonus is good, use it.
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    I wouldn't drop 4pc.

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    4pc t13 is a rather large dps increase its, worth almost a 2k dps increase if preformed correctly.

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    Once you are running 4p you should be stacking mastery over haste anyway so you don't want the chest off Morchok to begin with.

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    To really utilize the four piece T13 bonus, you need to be using a Mind Spike/Mind Blast spam rotation with CDs. If you weren't doing that on the dummy, then you wouldn't see an increase in DPS when you were testing the two gear sets. Even with the four set, you still want to hit your specific haste points for extra ticks, and even after that, I've found haste to be much more consistent and forgiving while I'm trying to raid lead. The tier 13 shoulders are the worst itemized of the five, so I went for the HC Mor'chok shoulders until my guild can get HC Spine for the gloves. Ultimately you'll want the heroic Gloves of Liquid Smoke. Don't break your four set bonus. And if you're not familiar with the MS/MB spam rotation, take a look at the great post here at H2P.

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