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    Latency on the Desolation server?

    I have been having some issues tonight with latency. Abilities take about 2 seconds Before they go off, and the World seems to lag.

    Anyone else having issues? Or should I start worrying that GW2 has decided to break down on me as well? My Connection works fine otherwise.

    PS. Can't access the GW2 forums so posting here.
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    I haven't had any issues lately and neither have my guildies. Some even mentioned they have better performances than before.
    The only problems I've had was with my own internet connection, that had nothing to do with GW2 self.

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    I am on a bad connection for the moment, an in-between period between ending my DSL connection while awaiting my glassfiber connection which will be delivered next week. I got a 2mbit line for 2 weeks.
    Yet playing on desolation was fine, been trying out the new living content and did some wvw this week and didn't have any lag whatsoever. I think it's your own connection being problematic.
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    Aren't all US servers located in Texas anyway?

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    Aren't all US servers located in Texas anyway?
    Afaik yes. Same for EU and germany?
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