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    It's your computer. That's an absolutely ancient dual-core CPU (actually getting rare these days) and HD5570 could barely be called a graphics card, I think the latest onboard solutions are actually better lol.
    Not meaning any offense of course, just saying it how it is

    There isn't much you can do besides a 100% full upgrade to your entire rig.
    haha alright that's what I thought I guess I was just wishful thinking XD thanks for the reply

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    Does anyone know if GW2 would be playable in WvW using integrated graphics on minimum settings?

    I'm getting a new rig soon with an i7-4770k (HD 4600 integrated graphics.) I'm waiting on AMD to release their new r9 290 gpu's with non-reference coolers, and was wondering if i could get by for the moment just using integrated graphics that comes with the CPU.

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