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    Post [A]Ka Pai, Top NZ 25man Raiding Guild 3/8H DS

    Guild Name: Ka Pai
    Website: http://www.kapaiguild.com/
    Faction: Alliance
    Realm: Khaz’goroth - Oceanic US Realm
    Type: PvE Realm
    Raid Times: 7-11pm NZT, 5-9pm Server (GMT+10) - Or, 10pm-2am (PST)
    Raid Schedule: Wed/Thur/Mon (NZ/Aus) - Or, Tue/Wed/Sun (US)
    Realm Timezone: GMT+10 (AECT)
    Battlegroup: Bloodlust - US (Los Angeles)

    6/7 Hard Mode 25 man in Firelands and 3/8 Heroic in Dragon Soul.

    Ka Pai, a New Zealand based guild is happy to announce the start of its Dragon Soul raiding endeavors.

    We have openings for highly motivated raiders in the following classes:

    Exceptional healers and ranged dps.

    Deathknight - OPEN
    Druid - OPEN (Healer High Demand)
    Hunter - OPEN
    Paladin - OPEN (Healer High Demand)
    Priest - OPEN (Healer High Demand)
    Warlock - OPEN
    Shaman - OPEN (Healer High Demand)
    Warrior - MEDIUM
    Rogue - LOW
    Mage - OPEN

    Truly exceptional candidates with strong raiding credentials of any class will be considered on a case by case basis.

    About Us:
    We are a 25-man hard mode, achievement based guild with a strong core of dedicated raiders who truly enjoy both the challenges of end-content raiding and the company of our guild mates. Our requirements are what you would expect from any end-content raiding guild, from knowledge of your chosen class to preparation of both raid consumables and encounter knowledge are presumed. Important emphasis is placed on maturity, reliability, and positive attitude. We have one of the best raid environments you will ever experience and we strive to keep it that way. You provide your skill and dedication, and we provide the fun and ability to experience the game in its highest format.

    For more information on guild philosophy and rules, check out our Guild Charter at http://www.kapaiguild.com/charter

    Please visit our website at http://www.kapaiguild.com/apply and fill out an application. You may also contact an officer in-game for additional questions (Rahvine, Madkadz).
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