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    WoW stabilizes over 10M subscribers, down 100k in Q4 2011

    Diablo 3 - Activision Blizzard Q4 Conference Call - Diablo III Planned for Q2 2012

    WoW stabilizes over 10M subscribers, down 100k in Q4 2011
    Activision Blizzard latest earning call revealed that World of Warcraft lost 100,000 subscribers last quarter, following the loss of 800k subscribers announced last quarter and 300k loss from the quarter before that. The game lost 1.8M Subscribers over the year but the number seems to stabilize over 10M and it wouldn't be surprising to see it go back up with the release of Mists of Pandaria this year.

    World of Warcraft now has 10.2M active subscribers.

    • World of Warcraft lost 100,000 subscribers, down to 10.2 million. This was a total lost of 1.8 million for the year.
    • Diablo III should launch in Q2
    • More than one million Annual Passes have been sold in the West.
    • Blizzard is happy with how the subscription numbers held up during the most competitive quarter ever.
    • When asked about churn since the competitor's launch, "December was a good month for us."
    • There are ~50 million active, Call of Duty multiplayer, Call of Duty Elite, and Skylanders WebWorld users.

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    Well, good news.

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    So blizzard lost 1.8 million bad players that didnt like the changes and couldnt handle them in cata? Good!

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    Fabricated information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aloodanis View Post
    Damn casuals and their vending machines. Back in my day, We had to go all the way from Orgrimmar to Desolace to pick up chips from the store. we had to do an extensive attunement quest to get into the store and we had to assemble 39 other people to fight the many other trash mobs, i mean trash food, to get to the chip isle. Oh and most of us couldn't even afford our epic car mount to drive there, we had to settle for our 60% bike mounts.

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    aaaaaw no drama on forums I guess. *sad face*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pellaeon View Post
    So blizzard lost 1.8 million bad players that didnt like the changes and couldnt handle them in cata? Good!
    From a business perspective, not good.

    Glad to see them stabilizing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Imadraenei View Post
    You can find that unbiased view somewhere between Atlantis and that unicorn farm down the street, just off Interstate √(-1).

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    Bad news about wow? Must be trueGood news about wow? Fabricated misleading information made by a company trying to obfuscate the truth.If you want wow to fail so badly go away.

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    WoW is not dying? Shocker...
    Quote Originally Posted by Nosonia View Post
    Heroics are heroics for a reason.. if you cant do heroics, you cant raid.. its the proper path...
    ...Blizzard has gone the mile and added LFR for those people, but nerfing normal and hc modes is just plain stupid. The Burning Legion didn't get pushed back by lining up a thousand arcane mages spamming AB. It took work work work.

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    Guess not as many left for SWTOR as was advertised.

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    will this quiet the doomsayers? i doubt it, but /shrug

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    WoW is going to DIE!

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    heh, i was expecting about a 300k loss, this is good, would be ncie to see if it sets at around 10m, still a very impressive number of subs.
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    Like I said, when Blizzard made the hard content mandatory to progress... All my friends quit and the game lost millions of players. When they stopped making hard content mandatory, they stabilized.In Mists of Pandaria, I like how the hard dungeons are for fun and not mandatory to progress. I think this is a great improvement upon their Cata philosophy.

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    At least they didn't lost 300K subs in less than month lol. I wonder what else they'll say on the investor call.

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    Very impressive. I bet they dread the next quarter (or two) before MoP launch, though.

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    I do hope this isn't going to make them overconfident again.

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    4.3 comes out, nice easy content for casuals, subscribers stay! who would have guessed?MoP better be nice and casual friendly unless blizzards wants to "stabilize" at 8.2m subs next year

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    Well you were all correct. Blizzard is bleeding subs. At the current rate of 100,000 per quarter WOW subs will equal TOR's in a little over 20 YEARS.

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