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    Well, there's a difference between an exploit and cleaver use of game mechanics imo.

    For it to be an exploit it needs to clearly be a bug (stand on top of a stone and the boss can't hit you for example). We'd only be using allowed means (class abilities) to avoid the stomp.

    Look at this more like when people stack in the middle for the Hagara HC ice phase. It's probably not how they intended people to do it but standing in the boss's AoE is not not allowed :P

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    Your healing method sounds horridly ineffective, seeing how you're popping a shadowfiend+HoH after the first black phase.

    Pretty easy fight for a disc priest - just keep an eye on the timers... if you're using em. If you are, Preshield everyone in your group at least 10 seconds before the FIRST stomp [if you're on the 'initial' one, and +5 seconds to that if you're on the other]... and keep putting up a new bubble up as soon as weakened soul wears off. Precast PoH so it just gets casted off after a stomp.

    Keep to tabs of when he'll do his black ooze phase... can never remember it's name - don't waste shielding up for this, as it's a complete waste of mana. However, you can use this time to continue proc'ing raptures still, by sitting in an ooze near for 3-4 hits and jumping out.

    [This is with the tactic of having the tanks having the fights of both on completely different sides, making them effectively a 5 man group on each. (10m)]

    Additionally, try getting a different 1h, or a staff... for fights where people aren't constantly stacking up. Cause in such fights, Maw ain't that great and you'd be better off having the extra secondary stats... [e.g. - Hagara, Warmaster, etc.] - keep in mind you can freely switch between em in fights

    And with regards to people saying "stacking mastery isn't effective for other bosses" etc., I do perfectly fine with it... guild's currently on 5/8 heroic. All to do with prefences I guess, eitherway works... just saying

    I've completely reforged out of spirit for other stats [no mana issues at all - Get "Ingela's Rapture" addon to make the most out of rapture procs], opting for haste + mastery... haste, for faster PoH for DAs, and mastery to increase said DAs.
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