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    [Ret] Madness, When do you pop your CD's?

    I pop mine on the corruption but a lot of my guild friends pop them after the corruption is dead. If I use it after the corruption is dead I only get 2 GoAK where as on corruption I get 3 (3rd right at the end of the fight).

    So my question is when is the best time to pop them?

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    During Cataclysm!
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    Best for the fight? At corruption...

    best for dps (numbers) ? at ~50% of every arm.
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    It really depends on what your raid is having issues with and where you lack. Sure its nice to rank but if the corruption isn't dying in time then pop it there or maybe they are getting eaten alive by blistering tentacles then that could be a viable place. As it was said already under 50% on the arm will give you the best damage for what you are going towards. If you have it on farm then you can try to rank, but ranking on madness is screwy since if you are good than regen bloods die quick and there isn't as much aoe going on to pad the meters.

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    On the corruptions, every time.

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    On Normal mode (Haven't gotten to do it on Heroic yet) I pop mine on the Mutated Tentacle. The faster that thing goes down, the better for everyone. And usually on Normal I can (Almost) pop it Zealotry/Avenging Wrath on each one.

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