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    Grats. It looked stupid easy, but that must be because you perfected it!

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    Just great! Love your UI btw^^

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    You rolled need on everything? Huntard!

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    Once again thank you all for the very nice comments, they are very appreciated <3

    One thing several people have said is that I make it look easy in the kill video, and I think I finally understood why. On the kill, pretty much everything went perfect, if you don't count the one time I had to dismiss with Algalon in melee range and Nitro Boosts away and I guess some other minor things. Constellations despawned a lot; for example at one point, 2 just randomly choose to fly away and despawn as I'm trying to close a black hole with one of them. On many many wipes, I would have gotten low hp, either from Constellations or melee hits from Algalon. Pets scaled with me pretty fast on almost every resummon, I don't have a count on how many wipes I had the "7222" wipe, where the pet didn't scale in time and got oneshot when I feigned.

    I just wanted that to get out there It might look easy on the kill video but that's because everything went perfectly, which again is why it was a kill
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    If is a world 1st it might be hard no doubt...

    Just tryed it once but my pet died so fast I dont even worryed about it anymore :P

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    Really nice work. As mentioned hopefully this can get on the front page.

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    Very impressive my friend ....!

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    good job man, i hope you make it to frontpage much more intresting then those silly dk's

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    Slapped this thread into the Raids & Dungeons forum, fits there more. And, someone asked me to do it. Who? Who knows.

    You could've done this ages ago if you didnt play SC2 so much you know. Slack.

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    Amazing, I want to be your apprentice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    I'm just being a smart ass at this point.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Frank View Post
    If we do win, he can rub anything he wants in my face.

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    just wow! well played,Sir!

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    Good solo job, Chuck Norris approves!

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    congratz that is impressive

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    Congratz, I think pple should get there own Feat of Strength for these kind of acomphlishments

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    I watched the stream while progress was going on and i gotta say, really nice execution and overall nice gameplay... The timing of abilities and the management of pet, and cooldowns, just perfect execution... Well deserved kill and Good job!

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    Wow! My hunter's good, but this one is the best :P /salute

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