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    Just quit EA / Bioware (was on SWTOR Dev teams 1 and 2,) Never signed NDA :-)


    Won't go into anything too crazy.

    Numbers are down, they laid off about a 1/3 of the staff, and another 1/3 are working on other titles.

    SWTOR has a skeleton crew, so do not expect rapid bug fixes, content overhauls and the like.

    The budget is burned thru, its more a recoup and hold on as long as we can to squeeze a nickle. Enjoy the game for what it is, but most back end upgrades and content are canceled.

    That said, play GW2 on KOA :-) I am off to Blizzard! (The engineers at EA are really bad, so much has been outsourced and the crap we got back takes months to edit thru.) Would have been easier doing it ourselves, instead we get put on multiple unrelated projects with no QA and management doesn't listen to a damn thing that is said. Most frustrating experience ever. Sorry this game turned into a pile of dong.


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    Yeah, we'll just take your word on all of that.

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