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    Pmr help.

    any tips on the set up with disc priest, frost mage, sub rogue set up in 4.3 cata. Thx all

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheradanmartin859 View Post
    any tips on the set up with disc priest, frost mage, sub rogue set up in 4.3 cata. Thx all
    RMP's success relies heavily on your opener. Takes good synergy between the mage and rogue as players not just classes to have a good rmp.

    Ideally, on the opener you will force a trinket and defensive CD out of the target being opened up on as well as a trinket and possibly a CD from their healer. After that you pretty much just keep the pressure up while they have to play defensive and you wait for your Stun and Poly DR's, then you poop on someone inside a second bomb.

    RMP can also make really potent hardswaps, but they're usually only successful if your rogue has a bomb/dance up and the mage has deep freeze ready and some fingers.

    Your main responsibilities as a rogue in RMP are to peel for your partners if need be and to create kill opportunities via smoke bomb and blind/saps. You can definitely always catch an overextending dps out of LoS of their healer and put them in a full kidney while your mage blinks over and helps you finish the job.

    Try and always save your blind for when you can get a blind > sap off. As RMP that's pretty much the ultimate final nail in the coffin if you get that off, considering it goes something like blind > sap > poly > poly > ring > fear > mc, basically a 35 second unending cc chain.

    Other then all of that, just experience and knowing how to mix things up. You can't go into every match with a set strat for each comp, cause it just doesn't work like that a lot of the time.

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