View Poll Results: best frozen pizza brand

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  • DiGiorno

    40 33.33%
  • Tombstone

    36 30.00%
  • Weight Watchers pizza

    1 0.83%
  • Red Baron

    30 25.00%
  • California Pizza Kitchen

    10 8.33%
  • Kashi

    3 2.50%
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    Freschetta is better than any of those brands. Kashi is also good. The best part about it though is not having to feel guilty about eating 5-6 slices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmekiel View Post
    I live a litle bit north of you :P
    Do they also pronounce it as Dr. Utker in commercials in Belgium? Because here in The Netherlands they do and it annoys me... Everytime I hear it I have to say "It's OETker, damnit, OETker!"
    Yeah they do! It's annoying lol. It's OETker not UTker damnit >_<
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    Red Baron was the best. But then they did that extra cheese thing and they taste horrible now.

    I'll stick to real pizza for now thanks to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gheld View Post
    I know in Canada Dr. Oetker has its "Ristorante" brand pizza. But you'd be surprised how much the food market actually differs between the US and Canada. The differences are monumental in some cases.
    Yeah, the Dr. Oetker brand Casa di Mama are actually pretty decent pizzas, albeit quite small. I usually get them when they're on sale.

    I'm perplexed by the poll choices, as I'm sure about 90% of the posters in this thread have never even heard of them.
    I know I haven't!

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    Grandiosa Pepperoni omnomnom.

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    Not a fan of frozen pizza, but I'll throw a vote in for the <$1 Tostino's ones - not a bad price for a meal that isn't ramen.

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    Freschetta or Pizza Express (the oven one, obv)

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    Newman's Own hands down. Best frozen pizza I've ever had.

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    TJ's overcooked on a Pizzaz (yes, I have one of those) or in a toaster oven = best frozen Pizza.

    It's a thin crust frozen pizza, usually sold for fund raisers and stuff. It might just be a St. Louis thing, though. "St. Louis Style" pizza is thin crust w/ provel cheese.

    And I'm not talking Dominoes and Pizza Hut's thin crust, that stuff is a shame.

    I never cared for the self rising crust pizza's. Always too doughy. Frechetta's brick ovens aren't bad, but they aren't great, either.

    Red Baron is okay, as are a few of the others I've tried from time to time. Can't remember who it is now that makes the other thin crust frozen pizzas we usually get, they're always cheap and... okay-ish..... the brand escapes me atm. >_<
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    Chicago Town, hands down

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bergtau View Post
    Freschetta. Stuff is amazing. I've had half those other brands and none of them compare.
    Very much so.

    Otherwise, I buy individual ingredients and make my own pie.

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    I don't know if we have anything from that poll here in Finland. But best frozen pizzas here are Grandiosa, Ristorante, Trattoria or Billys for a quick snack. But real pizzas are so cheap here, like 5-8 euro a pizza with 4 toppings. Love it!

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    Celeste: Pizza for One
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    I love meh some DiGiorno. :3

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    Chicagoian here, you can trip over pizza places. I never eat frozen, most places will deliver until 12 pm to

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    I normally eat Tostino's, but that's because they're the cheapest and quickest fill for individual pizzas. Other Tombstone brand pizzas are decent too.

    Otherwise, I actually like the Walmart brand pizzas honestly (Great Value or whatever), tried one once just cause it was on sale and it was pretty damn good, so if I'm looking for a semi-cheap fix and sharing with others (otherwise I save the leftovers and eat them over a day or two), I'll head there. Better than quite a bit of the stuff California Pizza puts out, which tends to mush toppings and doesn't spread them very evenly. DiGiorno is a good solid brand too, haven't had too much Red Baron but it's been ok from what I remember. Never tried Kashi, and I can only imagine Weight Watchers would taste like crap. If I make my own, we usually do a garlic french bread pizza style, which is great with sauteed onions/peppers and some pepperoni.

    And finally, even if it's not technically frozen (but you still heat it at home), Papa Murphys > all. Fresh really does taste better made at home, and they're no more expensive than Pizza Hut or Dominos on a non-sale period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atrea View Post
    Yeah, the Dr. Oetker brand Casa di Mama are actually pretty decent pizzas, albeit quite small. I usually get them when they're on sale.
    Yeah they're also nice. I'm still surprised you have Dr. Oetker in Canada :O
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    I haven't bought a frozen pizza in years. Papa Murphys 1 topping large for $6.99 definitely beats anything frozen.

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    Being the frozen pizza fanatic I am, I have tried them all, and nothing beats Tony's! They are usually on sale for $2 and fricken delicious! I used to like Tombstone better, but at some point they started adding way too much sauce!

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