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    D3 forums require WoW sub?!

    So I got a D3 beta invite and played. loved it. found a bug... So I go to post about it on the beta forum (cause I want to help make the game better) and apparently I need an active WoW sub to post anything?! Anyone have any idea why this is? This is probably the first time I've been genuinely angry with Blizz. This makes 0 sense to me. Why would they invite me to a beta and then not let me post in beta forums?

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    I'm pretty sure (about 60% sure) that beta access gives you access to the forums. Perhaps select your beta thing on the forum instead of your inactive WoW one? I had a SC2 license and couldn't post, but that was because my WoW character was selected instead of my SC2 one.

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    I opened 2 support tickets about this and 1 post on MMO-C fixes my problem where they could not.


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