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    Quote Originally Posted by Cartho View Post
    Interesting that it seems there are more who picked "mainly PvE" than "Mainly PvP" (though balanced is on top by quite a margin). Considering how many "GW2 is mainly a PvP game" comments there have been across the internet.

    My male Human warrior combo aint the rarest but meh, don't really care.
    shows you how full of crap those people are
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durzlla View Post
    then again i'm pretty sure you're smarter then the average dumbass

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingghidra View Post
    When you've moved out, lived on your own, found a gf and moved in with her, then bought a house together, then split up, sold the house, found another gf, moved in with her, split up with her, moved in on your own again, and all the time, paying bills, cancelling bills, paying countless fees and setting up multiple bank accounts and insurance policies, cancelling them, etc, etc, etc. then life looks a little different to the days when you thought having your own room was the greatest thing ever. (Your mileage may vary on the above - for thirty-somethings it's a familiar story)

    Responsibility to you is a theory. To adults, it is a practice. The trappings of the adult world are an aspirational thing to you. To adults they are just shit to deal with.
    So being happily married to my high school sweetheart with well paying exciting jobs on both our parts and still finding life to be an inspiring, fun, challenge at the age of 30 would mean I'm not an adult? Sounds like someone is projecting their sad boring pessimistic life onto others from my angle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingghidra View Post
    This is probably why "Young adult" and "Adult" are different categories on this website. Way to argue semantics.

    I find this chart interesting: - rarely have I seen such even profession distribution! And this is based off of BETA balance. Simply amazing.

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    I find the discussion about what makes an adult an actually adult hilarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingghidra View Post
    I know a 45 year old whose mum still cooks him dinner because he doesn't know how to work the oven.

    To be honest with you, I think living at home is currently harder than living on my own would be. I'm in full time education currently so I can't actually afford to move house. Looking at things, working isn't so difficult. College work is harder because working is doing things you know about, college work is doing things you don't know about. Bills can go direct debit from the bank account, shopping can be done online and delivered so I don't need a car. As long as the rent isn't stupid, the house would be easy to maintain because unlike everyone else in my house, I don't make a mess of everything I touch.

    Things keep tidy around me, I find. It'd be easier than living with my parents because my parents try to make me do housework that I have nothing to do with. Cleaning up a mess I didn't even make, as if they're trying to prepare me for 'adulthood.' What they're trying to prepare me for is parenthood. I am not going to be ready for that in a long time. I can clean my own damn mess, cook my own food, and earn my own money once I get my qualifications.

    Being an adult isn't being in that situation, but knowing you can deal with that situation. Your criteria mean my 45 year old friend isn't actually an adult. Of course he is, he's just useless. It isn't that I aspire to be an adult. Hell, I'm a brony. Do you actually think I care about how people are classed by society? I'd just like to stop having people talking down to me because I'm 17, or underestimating me because I'm 17. Sure I don't have all that life's wisdom and experience, but I have common sense.

    And common sense isn't all that common anymore.

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    I might go Charr but then we have the cool Asura !

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    this is quite cool

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