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    Never played monster hunter so cant comment on that, but from what ive seen, its sort of like that ( console style bossfights like you would in zelda/GoW/ninja gaiden and the list goes on, I also heard people on the boards noting these similarities so i guess its similar to MH Tri

    and to ogspider calling it grindy, i would ask of you to explain how you felt about Deepholm, the best example of quest diversity and non-linear grinding ever amiright? and what do you do at level 85? daily dungeon(s), transmutes, weekly raid farms, arena battles and call it a week right?
    Every mmo is a grind, but the factor that keeps you in or leaves you out is how much you enjoy the way that works for your game, i loved it in wow, for 5 years, and now in 2011 i feel like switcing, so i did, to a game that levels exactly the same way. So i dont see how its any more or less grindy. but thats what you get when you TL;DR instead of reading the whole story where I said its not grindy in the sense of being too repetivive or running out of quests ( I believe this is where the "Every Korean MMO is like Aion" angst came from )

    But thanks for your contribution.

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    This weeks GDC in San Fransisco delivered a nice video interview with mr. Ramirez from En Masse, put together by Gamespot. a very informative video with a party fighting a world boss and Ramirez talking us through it all.

    Recommend this to everyone even slightly interested, and the ones who arent, to look for things they dislike and post their thoughts about it

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    I has interest.

    Definitely not a game to play to chill out and relax to. Or while drunk / half asleep.
    To purr, or not to purr...

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    As with all interesting looking MMO, including Tera, I'll wait to hear what the verdict on how it performs late/endgame, but I'll most certainly at least poke my head in to see how the gameplay feels.

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    This or GW2, I need to choose damnit.

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    Tera looks pretty cool. I just dropped WoW and am downloading Rift as we speak. I'm pretty excited about Tera and SW:ToR though.

    ps - in before "locked because this post is about Rift". You can't talk about Rift, except in like 2 threads... because apparently the game is so popular and so many people want to talk about it that it would monopolize the forums. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...and-Guidelines

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    Solarstring, you seriously got me interested in that game. Even though I was starting to think I'll never give a shit about any mmo anymore if its not totally different from WoW
    But Tera seems to have some really good ideas, and I like the occasional grind. I even miss them in WoW or any other uber streamlined mmo of today. The thing that always bothered me about eastern mmos was more a feeling of unfinishedness, it's hard to describe.

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    No chance..
    Guild wars 2 will take away my social life already.

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    Solarsting you should just post more pics. And melee combat looks more fun then ranged IMO

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    Yeah I thought melee would be more fun aswell, especially in this sort of game. Boy was I wrong? I find that ranegd is just as fun as melee, because melee seems all about being more engaged and more threatening right? but the mobs and bosses target you every once in a whiel aswell, and those ranged attacks they do, or ranged jumps/charges are a lot harder to evade then melee swings. Its fun for both really, I cant decide on a clear winner, i like melee just as much as ranged, hence i leveled one of each.

    Let me digg through my screenshot map and post some screens made out in the field. ( multirace/class, I rolled a lot of alts prior to leveling 2mains, UI is customizable btw, not as indepth as Rifts, but you can drag and drop, and rescale the overal UI size )

    (Pegasus flight path, you fly through a ring, which then makes you travel through hyperspace, sort of, and then after several secodns you end up in the zone you wanetd to fly to, naturally MUCH faster then wow's flight paths)

    (An example of the no-fog infinite distance, made possible by Unreal Engine 3)

    (Lvl 11 Warrior vs Lvl 48 Elite "Last Red Dreadnaught" mob, good times)

    (These 2 mobs were bugged, they belonged to the same team, if you pull one, you pull the other, but they started attacking each other for no good reason! So I had the chance to use my slow casting aoe nuke to knock them both down, silliest thing I ever saw)

    (For the graphics whores =) )

    (Me and some of my <Codex> guildies, after we did a long, hard questline to earn our level 22 mounts, which is about 30% speed increase, the lvl 50 one I havent aquired yet, dunno their spee, but these mounts are instant cast, no 1.5 sec cast involved, but 1 mob hit = dismount, you gain some, you lose some =) )

    (More Boss Bash Brawling)

    (Female Castanic, theyre sort of arrogant half-demons clearly inspired by Succubi)

    (Nasty stinky bog)

    (And example of random boss knockdowns, certain skills will do much more damage when hes lying on the floor, such as a Warriors jump+sword slam move )

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    So from what I heard there are no raids and only two Endgame 5man instances, what do you actually do as far as endgame content goes?

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    Well the thing is, i have one 50, but i speedleveled him, most people arent at the cap yet ( in their 40's ) since the game has only been out for 4 weeks.

    People are simply trying toclear that one fecking dungeon right now. and battlegrounds was introduced last week so theyre busy doing mostly 5v5's and what not. Openworld pvp however is dominating at the moment, especially guild vs guild pvp is massive. the guys from Codex and some korean guild went toe to toe in 20 vs 20 something trying to control the area so that our miners could get the nodes without being steamrolled by a legion of angry koreans.

    How is this endgame? well you do earn credits for gear this way, its sort of like your team deathmatch but uninstanced, everyones allowed to join the fun, its even more hilarious tp pull a couple of elites, and make them smash the opposition just by kiting them around some guys you want dead, if they arent paying attention, well. Hilairty ensues ^^

    Endgame is pretty scarce at the moment, sure, because the koreans released tera incomplete, they just wanted the game out there, and are now starting to graduatly release patches, one a month with new balancing and content ( and no PTR's around that stay up for a month and ppl QQing when its gonna hit live ) first major patch was 1 week ago with battlegrounds, next major patch will be in 3 weeks with class balancing, dungeon retweaking, and a new continent where the story of the Argon war continues.

    Were they to releae the game right now in eu/na, people would be a little sceptic no doubt, you can compare those two dungeons to say, Dire Maul and UBRS in scope. The game also has plenty of world bosses and i know how most people think about that, but the respawn rates are fair, and they dont seem to be camped, so far anyways, must be lack of 50's. This is all in pvp zones however so if you see people you want dead? call your buddies and clear the way. the benefit of infaction rivalrys.

    So yeah content is scarce, thats why En Masse is keeping the game inhouse for more tweaking and more content. Cant make any promises about the scale of content, because I honestly havent a clue, so far im having fun trying to clear both dungeons, and learning the enemys ways, using cc spells and moves i never thought id need. and the battlegrounds / openworld pvp are engaging and quite fun. Also busy leveling my sorcerer to max level now, so that keeps me busy aswell, untill the next content patch.
    But ill be the first to start bashing this game if endgame starts to feel shitty or just incomplete, ill be the first to let ya know

    EDIT: Furthermore, the game is capped on 50 at the moment, it's going to be level 60 however, this will be in the game before NA/EU hits the shelves in Q4 2011, in the Korean version, this level cap raise will be included in the near future ( this is also why 1/4 of the world is closed off at the moment, you have northern and southern Arun, and northern and southern Shara, Northern Arun is currently OFF LIMITS.
    Kinda like how they did it with Uldum, one has to wonder what is behind the big black mountains that surrounds Northern Arun, time will tell
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    I wants... badly. But my computer is totally gonna explode - the graphics are insane!

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    Oh ok, didn't realize it's that new in Korea. I'd be grateful if you could keep us up to speed on how the game is developing!
    And does it require a lot of effort to play the korean version? Do you need a KSSN for it?
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    That is better discussed in a PM wink

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    u ma xoxo L O V E
    The graphics look quite stunning. Love the look of that Female character aswell as the landscape! Too bad my computer sucks

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    If you can run UT3 you can run Tera, same engine. and my Graphics are medium/high on these screens ( theres super low, low, medium, high and ultra ) Unreal engine is pretty forgiving to older computers, or so I heard people say. the system specs are quite low aswell, Duo Core and up.

    The Unreal engine is just pretty awesome at making textures look 3 Dimensional, while still flat, a good example is that crab elite in the pictures above, looks stunning right? but just simple texture work and lighting.

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    Hey solar!

    Is there a chance that we EU players could play in the closed beta aswell? I found some "application" and signed that. But is there anything else I should do? How did you get into the beta :O?


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    I'm not in the beta and never was, I'm in retail, the live version, on the Korean servers with a select few people from the United States and Europe. I'll send you a PM with the details.

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    Thank you friend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solarsting View Post
    Now this is what a game should look like. Epic.

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