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    Quote Originally Posted by CT001 View Post
    I'm anxious to try it, but I hope its not like Vindictus.

    1st Vindictus combat was crap. HUGE input lag meant split-second timing went out the window (for example, hit attack 4 times and ur toon entered a 6+ second combo with no way of canceling or breaking out of it, better hope u didn't need to move in those 6 seconds...). Korean MMO devs need to play a few games of Street Fighter or Soul Caliber. I don't expect that level of gameplay, but thats what they should at least be trying for.

    2nd, everything was instanced. Which was REALLY annoying. I don't play a MMO to play by myself (there are much better and cheaper single player games out there). I want to be playing with others, and not just in the babysit through a PUG for loot type playing (ie. barely a grunt uttered).

    So we'll see, but I'll definetly try the beta, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't another crappy WoW wanna-be.
    1. Vindictus coding and no servers for the instances are responsible for that

    2. Havnt gotten in the game yet, hopefully it will all be ready after work but has far has i know no you are not just sitting in a city spamming dungeons.

    and no i dont believe its another wow wanna-be

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    The Fiend hit the nail on the head, I guess, Dunno, I'm not a fan of comparisons.

    I don't rent Black Hawk Down and think to myself "Hey, this looks just like Saving Private Ryan"

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    Stunning visuals fun gameplay. I just wish i knew kroean
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    Uhhh I've been downloading the game for 3 days now. At 52%. KOREA INTERNET YOU ARE KILLING ME!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sivick View Post
    I would like to see something like Borderlands turned into an MMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palmolive View Post
    Uhhh I've been downloading the game for 3 days now. At 52%. KOREA INTERNET YOU ARE KILLING ME!
    And after that theres a couple patchs you have to get . I was downloading them at about 30 kb/s and it took around a hour or more to get em all

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    I'm at end of the patch now. Why do I have a feeling that I'm gonna end up with a BSOD?

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    It does look fun, I fancy giving the beta a shot at least

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    The game looks really really fun to play o.O.

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    Yeah so after 4 hours of gameplay;

    I have to say that the graphics are so amazing that I'd drop school and just live inside that world.

    Now for the gameplay. It is a mix of MMORPG and a FPS. It really requires you to pay attention than just target a mob and then hit 1 button. Really interesting.

    BUT the negative is that the system resembles the game Aion. The quests and mostly, like everything that has to do with the NPCs.

    So I don't know. It's pretty annoying cause you get the feeling that you're playing Aion but a bit fancier. But at the same time, it's a very good game. I gotta see how it is in the higher levels.

    God it is so annoying every korean spaming the chatchannels

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    then disable the trade channel in chat, like you could in any mmo

    and if you played aion youre probably going to make comparisons, but i never did, so guess im blessed? ^^

    the other anoying thing is you dont really know what youre doing and why because of the korean client, ont he isle of dawn you are basically sent as reinforcements to help the first expedition out after there has been a massive slaughter of teh first expedition. and while they send you on your way to take care of any threats, you dig deeper into the islands secret and why there is a big presence of demons and mercenaries at the end, what that secret is? hell if i know, cant read korean

    butyeah, just disable korean trade channel.

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    So I heard Koreans love tits

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    Never heard about this game before now but i'm going to try it out^^ it looks pretty sweet and i hope it will move me away from wow.
    wow feels like a chore now and i only play it cuz i have nothing else to do when im not going to school,training or are out with freinds.
    i just have to chose what game to play-.- swtor,guild wars 2,rift and tera looks awesome.

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    Seriously, you just wanna play TERA because of its graphics

    And now, moar tits!

    I have to really thank Solar for putting his effort into helping me setting up this game (which is a big hassle because of korean shit).

    Thank you mate!

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    Why is it koreans dont want us playing there games?

    Edit: O and i think im done with the korean retail main reason is i hate not knowing wtf is going on. O and wtf is up with all the invisible walls not letting me explore, i love exploration
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    Indeed. I heard there was an english patch translation but it got outdated and (if you use it it's bannable?).

    And it's very annoying not knowing what the fuck you're supposed to do or what the story is.

    But like I said. The graphics is the only reason I'm playing:P

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    Well its nothing more then a "See it before the rest of the world" sort-off demo, if you look at it from that perspective. It's quite anoying not knowing what you're doing and why.

    But I'm using this time to simply become a pro at the clas(es) i wish to play, as to not lose any time figuring that part out when it hits europe/north-america.

    and do agree, the invisible walls are a but anoying, but they prevent senseless suicides, which takes away from the fear of falling over the edge, but, eeh, well, who cares im indifferent about it really. Zelda OOT also had invisible walls, nothing new here :3

    And you're welcome Palmolive, just race to level 20 and make sure you wisper someone from Codex to get into the guild, and start speaking english again ^^

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    oh man i just discovered the trailers for this game recently and i am f***in stoked. can't wait for it to hit NA

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    Gonna bump this topic since a second topic saw the light of day, which isn't really neccesary. ( now locked )
    A screenshot I took last night to feed the hungry crowd as a bonus;


    HD PNG: ( no AA )
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