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    Question Is MMO Champion will announce the 1st Inferno clear ?

    Is MMO Champion planning to announce first player or first group that clear D3 in inferno difficulty ? because as it looks like it's not gonna be easy way to go through it.

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    Doubt clearing inferno will be an achievement.

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    That's mean Lysah.
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    Clear inferno in 1 sitting, no deaths. Gogo!

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    I bet 20 imaginary gold coins, that tank barbarian will be able to clear it a lot easier than most of classes =?

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    I think clear Inferno first is just a matter of time spend in the first 2 days.

    Maybe world first Inferno on Hardcore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaak View Post
    I think clear Inferno first is just a matter of time spend in the first 2 days.

    Maybe world first Inferno on Hardcore?
    yeah more likely

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    still though, world first clear means they will be doing it with below average gear, it may get a lot easier as gear is farmed / sold on the AH, but initially i will assume its like going into hell mode on D2, with a level 40 char.

    (level 40 is min level to reach hell unless you abuse mechanics -someone finishing throne quest, in the throne room, while a lvl 1 in party sits in town, same for reg and hell mode, 60 min for hell mode)

    they said you will not be able to do much if anything in inferno with a freshly maxed char didn't they?
    that makes world first at least worthy to be posted imo.
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    I doubt mmo-champ will, Diablofans on the other hand will most likely do so. Why, because Diablofans is on the curse network is the site dedicated to diablo news. MMO-Champ is a MMO site, not a Blizzard fanboiz site, although it does have a lot of WoW related news in it and is more geared to WoW, that is only because WoW is the more dominant MMO on the market. They make more money being more geared to WoW. Also take note: Diablo is not an MMO, another reason as to why MMO-Champ will most likely not make too big a deal over Diablo 3 news once it is released. Diablo is a hack n slash rpg, a genre that is sometimes incorrectly muddled with action rpg's. If you want Diablo3 news, go to Diablofans, if you want MMO and WoW related news go to MMO-Champ. If you want SC2 news, go to SClegacy. The methodology is quite simple.

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    Mmo-champ is already linking a few things to Diablofans so I wouldn't be suprised if there'll be a link for it when the time comes.
    If Diablofans thinks its newsworthy ofc.
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