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    Question CLCret issues

    I apologize in advance if my english is not so good,

    About my CLCRET, with 4 pcs of 13 i've the following settings:

    Inq 3-3-3

    Normal : inqa inqr cs jhp inqrdp tvdp exoud tvhp exo how hw
    Zeal : inqa inqr cs inqrdp tvdp exoud tvhp exo how hw

    Jclash 0

    My issue is that really often CLCRET shows to use Inq or TV with 0 or 1 or 2 Hp instead of 3. How can i fix it please?

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    Pretty easy, if I'm not wrong. I don't have CLCret atm, but I believe there was an option to set the minimum holy power to refresh Inquisition. It should be clsoe to judgmenet clash option and stuff. Just look on the interface and you'll find it. Set it to 3, gg

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    I would like that was so easy but it's set already that way still it happens

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    I misread the thread, thought you were talking about Inq only. I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that perhaps you are forgetting about Divine purpouses procs? :x

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    o.o it seems so .... ty

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    I need an update on what I should use for normal and Zealotry

    I've recently switched to


    inqa inqrhp inqrdp cs jhp tvdp exoud tvhp exo how hw


    inqa inqrhp inqrdp cs tvdp tvhp exoud exo how hw

    Would these be optimal with the 2 set t13 piece bonus?

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    Is it a loss to wait to 3 or not wait till 3 or is there a difference?

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