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    40k Necron questions!

    Hey guys! Ive been around Warhammer 40k for around four years now, but never really wanted to spend the money to actually make and build a good army list.
    I usually baught individual models of diffrent armies and chapters and painted/admiried other peoples models. Often the case at games and stuff too.

    However i want to play now and the army that interests me the most are the Necrons. I know a little bit about them but im obviously far from an expert.

    So some questions for you guys.

    Considering a 1500pt army list in mind,

    1. What are the diffrences between the immortals and the deathmarks?

    2. What is the diffrence between the best of the previous ^ and the Necron warriors? (Should you play with warriors as troops or immortals etc)

    3. What are the diffrences between the doomsday ark and the ghost ark? Which one is better for a small point team?

    4. Are destroyers worth it? especially if im taking multiple of the above? ^

    5. Are Monoliths useful in a small point game?

    Thanks for reading guys! Also if you want to suggest any lists or reffer me to a site that would be much appriciated!

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    Despite me being a fan of the Warhammer Universe, I have never played the board games.
    I hope this link helps a bit, though It might need updates D:


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