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    Spine Heroic - How to target the tendons?

    Is there any way to target the tendon correctly?
    Using /tar burning tend seems to be totaly bugged; I also tried /tar boss2 which works sometimes and does not on other times.

    What bossID (boss1/boss2/...) do the tendons have; could I use /tar boss2 /tar boss3 and boss1 will always be deathwing himself?

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    I use the /target Burning Tendon and I haven't had it bug on me yet. I spam the button, but that shouldn't be the difference.

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    I don't know about the other boss targets, but boss2 = tendons and it has worked for every time so far.
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    This is my macro for my Rogue, I guess this will work for you aswell if you just change the spells. Remember when the Amalgamation dies you have to clear your target frame, dont have anything targeted at all and spam the key for whichever ability you wanna do first.

    #showtooltip Ambush
    /targetexact Burning Tendons
    /cast [target=target, exists] Premeditation
    /cast [target=target, exists] Ambush

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    /target Burning Tendons

    It works fine.

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    If boss2 works every time for you then for my raid something is fucked up; me and another person had the same macro with /cleartarget /tar boss2 /stopmacro [noexists] /use ... it worked on some tries perfectly and on other tries it didn't work for neither of us.
    Is there probably a difference between left and right tendon? Like left ist boss2 and right boss3 or so?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Draeblin View Post
    Is there probably a difference between left and right tendon? Like left ist boss2 and right boss3 or so?
    Was using a macro that only had "/tar boss2" and it worked for both sides on our pulls. So as you said, there's probably something else causing this.
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    it's the opposite, boss 2 works regardless of side, /burning tendons do not.

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    /cast [target=boss2] X

    X being whichever ability you use to open, it's better since it kills 2 birds with one stone in targeting and hitting it

    /target Boss2 works as well

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    /stopmacro [@boss2, noexists]
    /target boss2
    /cast [exists, harm] <ability goes here>
    Spammable macro that targets tendon and starts nuking. You can put your CDs in there to have them pop at the exact right time.4

    /stopmacro [@boss2, noexists]
    /target boss2
    /cast [exists, harm] Avenging Wrath
    /cast [exists, harm] Zealotry
    /cast [exists, harm] Templar's Verdict

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    /tar boss1 changed my raiding life

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