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    Herald of the Titans Alliance US

    NEXT RUN IS MARCH 24 2012. 8PM CST.

    Hello all that may be interested. So far we have had 3 attempts on this, 1st we killed it but someone was switching specs/gear and messed up his gear and was wearing 232 bracers, 2nd and 3rd had no shows. So now we are remaking the group. As long as you know how to play your toon, good and following timers/ listening. I have a tank/healer at my disposal so we will run heroics with you when online. I will do all that i can to help. If you have any questions at all send me message on here or ingame (see below for info) NEXT RUN IS MARCH 24 2012. 8PM CST.
    You do Not have to be on our server. We can go in together across realms.

    The requirement remains the same, lvl 80 with TURN OFF EXP, 226 ilvl gear and up to 232 for weapons and off-hands, or ranged.

    OK to Use:
    - All Ulduar 10 normal loot and below (219)
    - All Ulduar 10 hard mode loot (226 armor, 232 weapons/ranged)
    - All Ulduar 25 normal loot (226 armor, 232 weapons/ranged)
    - All weapons/ranged from ToC10 normal (232) <--- This has been confirmed by people who have gotten it with these items
    - All Ulduar craftable gear (226)
    - All emblem of conquest gear (226)
    - Anything from ToC 5 man heroic (219)
    - Weapons from ICC 5 mans heroic (232)
    - Items from ICC 5 man regular (219)

    Not OK to Use:
    - Any armor from ToC10 normal (232)
    - Any Ulduar 25 hard mode loot (239)
    - Anything from ToC10 hard (245/258)
    - Anything from either version of ToC25 (245/258/272)
    - ToC craftables (245)
    - Emblem of Triumph gear (245)
    - Regular armor from ICC 5 man heroic (232)

    NEXT RUN IS MARCH 24 2012. 8PM CST.

    So far I have:

    1 Druid - {Tank}
    1 Priest - {Disc}
    1 Hunter - {Marks}
    1 Mage - {Arc}

    We need a Tank, 2 Healers and 3 DPS. Contact me in advance so we can setup your gear.

    If interested please contact me Ingame MAIL WITH Real id or on here.
    Ingame Toon Names: Hotprocit, ibounce on Stormreaver

    NEXT RUN IS MARCH 24 2012. 8PM CST.
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    I'd be keen to have a go, sounds like alot of fun. Though my only sub 80 character is lvl 73, druid, I would prefer to be resto, but would go feral or boom depending on what you needed. I could get it up to 80 in the next day or so no problem, my main question is at what times were you thinking of doing your farm runs and then eventually the herald run? Being in Australia the time at which your looking at doing it would either make or break me being able to do it



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    Shadow Priest - (A) Azgalor - Ideally on weekend (of which you have it sched for Saturdays.)

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    Sounds awesome but I don't think I could finish northrend in time (have a mage at lvl 68).

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    Hello Dufman,

    It would be great if you are able to come as Resto. We will be planning to fight Algalon around 8-11pm Central time, which if i looked it up right would mean; that will be morning for you. Would definitely be tough to run randoms together to gear up (assuming you do not play in the morning). Which i think best bet is first running randoms together to see if it'll work for you. Should you want to, we can exchange real id's.

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    Hello Solia,

    Should your Spriest be 80, that would be great for the group. I looked up Azgalor (assuming its your toon name) could not find your toon on the wow site. We are thinking of running it around 8-11 Central time.
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    Hozer I sent you a message. PLease check it when you get a chance. I am levelling a mage. Currently level 68. Should be level 80 by the end of this week. I sent you my real id. I would ideally prefer it during the weekends during the day. Think that would work for everyone. We can talk in game. I will be on tomorrow during the day. You can add me.

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    I have a 70 something priest that I would level up and transfer for this.
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    IF you need help, my druid is available. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ezorz/advanced

    I did it as boomkin last time, even tho I was supposed to be resto. I guess I can do either, but I wanna try to heal it this time. I do about 8-9k dps.

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    Hello Wynterlyn,

    I have attempted to send you multiple real id request, but it seems it is not going through. And it seems i still can not send private messages on this site yet. We will be attempting to have a fun run through ulduar sometime this week to see how it goes.

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    Hello Pocketzest,

    You do Not have to transfer your toon. As long we are real id friends, we can party up and get into the raid together . Just have to hit 80 and get the gear

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    Hi there, I didn't log in today as it was maintenance and Valentine's Day. But I will be loggin on tomorrow. I'll send you another PM to confirm my realId.

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    Hello Nonamekiller,

    That would be awesome, we will be doing ulduar to see how we do / get more chances at gear. At the moment i can not send private messages, so if your would like to send me one with your real id i can add you so you can get faster updates as to what we are playing.

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    Do you need one Death Knight DPS? Also can play as Tank, but I prefer to go as DPS. Full gear. PM me

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    My old disc priest was my main during naxx and I would be interested if you're still doing this/need someone.

    char Relativity
    realm US-Magtheridon


    edit: I can play disc or shadow
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    Hows it going i do have a 70 paladin twink im more than happy to level up and roll as holy for you guys, My paladin main during wrath healed it so i know what to expect as well as having conq of ulduar, my gf may also be interested and will get around to asking her here is a link of my 70 pally


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    Would you take another arcane mage? I have one that i have been grooming for Herald...farming ICC 5mans for gear and such if so.

    Name is Qtip on Fizzcrank. My armory shows me wearing cata greens (doing 18k burst)..should be pulling 10k sustained in raids im hoping.


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