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    Wink ALKO-STRIP-WOW: the boardgame

    Hi guys!

    So, inspired by a similar-style Pokemon game, we decided to create an Alko-WoW! Which then evolved into Alko-Strip-WoW game, because we weren't sure if a pure-alko version doesn't exist somewhere :P

    Yes, it's silly, but we had much laughs making it and maybe someone else will find it amusing as well, so we decided to share it with the world


    And here's an additional challenge: stream your playthrough, you know you want to

    <wasn't sure if this goes into WoW-general section or here>

    EDIT: aaaand I can't post a link on this account while my regular one doesn't let me log in :< You will need to paste the link in the browser to see the picture.
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    There's the link for you. Seems...interesting.

    Edit: After reading the entire thing, I can't decide on if I'd want to "play" the paladin, rogue or druid. All three seem like they could be hilarious.
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