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    PvP: Frost or Unholy

    Fairly simple question, but I can't seem to find a good answer out on the google:

    From my experience, I just can't seem to get enough burst out of Unholy to do much, I can see where it could be good in drawn out arena matches and duels, but in Rated Battlegrounds I can't seem to kill anyone nearly as fast as I can in Frost. It may just be me, and the utility of Unholy is nice (especially Lichborne + DC), but I always feel resource starved and I can't kill anyone fast enough to make a difference (i.e. I attack a base with one person at it, and it takes me so long to kill them that they get reinforcements before I can down them), so is Frost really that much better for offensive PvP?
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    hey m8.
    (my statement is based on my own experience)

    in arena uh is the better choice because frost is an easy kill. in battlegrounds however i would go frost because you can burst people to death in 5-6 secs if your are lucky.
    the survivability of uh can be nice in some BG's but the facts is if the enemy dicides to kill you and you dont have a healer around your are going down, regardless of spec (blood excluded)
    to sum up, ill say frost for bgs and 5v5 and uh for 2v2 and 3v3.

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