Heya. After using the search function thoroughly I still have not found a definite answer to my question, so I shall ask it here. I am in the process of starting to PvP on one of my many alts. This one is an Unholy DK, and I will be doing some TSG for fun with alts of the people I play 3v3 with on our mains as well. So far I think I'm doing decently in learning the spec, but I still have some questions in mind that I'd like to attain the answer to. The questions are as follows;

* I seem to have 2-3 floating talent points which I can either put in Sudden Doom or Bladed Armor. After having checked the armory of many very high rated DKs it seems to be about 50/50 as to who prefers what. What are the up and downsides to either talent?

* When being able to sit on a target for a while I seem to be extremely resource starved. Am I doing it horribly wrong when I am using Festering Strike, because it seems like I have to sit around for a long time whenever I use FS twice in a row?

* Is there a simple way of managing pet energy, or will I just have to swap auto-Claw on and off whenever I know it will need to have enough energy for a Gnaw?

* Should I use DC to heal in order to get my big and hurty-hurty pet out quicker, or is it better to just use it for damage? (Obviously for damage if I think I'll be able to kill something immediately, but I am thinking long-term in 3v3)?

More questions may follow! ^~^

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Does no-one know? Bleh. Perhaps I'll have more luck in the official forums. Thanks, though!