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    Lightbulb Off hand wepon help

    Hi guy's

    Last night i got the Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind whats the best off hand to put with it?


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    dragonfire orb, ultraxion HC one with spirit then t2 pvp

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    Chance of you getting a Dragonfire orb, it will be much better if you just took Lightning Rod instead. Also H Molten Scream should be on the list too.

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    If you don't have Molten Scream, whether normal or heroic, Lightning Rod is a really good weapon to pick up. Just to give you an idea, I think my guild started working on heroics the 2nd week of DS and we just had our first Dragonfire Orb drop last week. I think that's roughly 10 weeks or so. Dragonfire Orb is the best dps off-hand available right now, if you're luck enough to see it drop and get it, otherwise the off-hands listed above are your best options.

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    right i must have been unlucky i've never seen the lighting rod drop and i raid DS ever week

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    Somehow for my DS "Main" runs and, the orb does not drop. In my Alts runs, the orb drop and won by my Alt Moonkin =/. If only Blizz made the Orb as BoE than there's still an outside chance to buy it likely with crazy price but at least still obtainable.

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