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    Spec for multiboxing Mages

    'sup guys!

    I'm gonna multibox two mages to 80 with Refer a Friend, mostly through Dungerons I think.
    My question is what spec I should go with? Since we're going to cast the same spells all the time, so I don't want any spec that depends alot on procs (let's say, Survival as Hunter with Lock n' Load). I hope you get it.. So, what spec should I use?

    Thanks alot.

    If you feel like it, feel free to comment aswell and tell me why you think what you think.

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    I think arcan would fit best here as you are much less proc oriented. Basically is is just spamming one button where you mix a second or a third one after a proc which can be delayed a little bit. Depends only on your mana.

    Fire and Ice depend much more on procs which happen much more randomly.
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    Arcane <.< While leveling my mage I could literally just land her somewhere and start spamming AB at all enemies around. By the time youre oom (especially pre 80+) every single mob in a 40 yard radius will be dead. With 2 mages that's even more awesome. By the time you get to the next place to kill stuff / collect enough bearasses or whatnot your mana will be full again.

    Both Fire and Frost rely on procs (fingers of frost and impact/hot streak afaik) so I dont know how well that will work

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    Yeah arcane.

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    Okey, thanks guys

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    Arcane easy buttons to bind

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    Arcane is the only choice.

    Fire has a ton of procs, Frost has to use their pets and target.

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    Arcane is very nice if you want to own singletarget. Next to that, it has the least procs (only missiles afaik).
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    Worth mentioning, arcane is actually the only spec with "easy" AoE ability on lower levels.

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