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    when to drop 4pc t12? shadow

    im currenly wearing 4pc t12 all 391, i have 2 LFR pieces, should i drop to get 2x 2pc?

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    When you get 2 pieces of tier 13 with better stats

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    ^ very much agree, SW Will almost kill you on madness depending on RNG with your crit's if you dont have the 2pc t13.

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    Go 2x t13.

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    Post is irrelevant, I misread the post and, because I'm a new user, wasn't able to edit or delete the comment within the ~30 minutes I kept refreshing the page. So, thanks Moderator below me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Atheotes View Post
    I disagree entirely. The 4pc T12 bonus awards something like a 5-8% heals increase on any given fights, whereas the 4pc T13 only gives 2% if you're lucky. The stat differences between 391 and 397 are too marginal to drop that 5-8%. The only time you should switch away from 4pc heroic T12 is when you can have 2x397 and 2x410 t13.
    OP is asking about for shadow... as stated in the title of the thread.

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    The 2pc is awesome so you dont kill yourself on morchok, zonozz, yorshaz, ultraxion, and madness

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    In kilee,s guide he has all of the values for set bonus's, it's not worth getting the 2pc t13 if the gear you are replacing is Worth less pp. but if the gear you are upgrading to is worth more pp, it will be worth it. It's pretty simple math ^^ V

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