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    raiding mage

    Sorry if this is already a thread I will remove if it is but im at work and dont have time to look atm. But for raiding purposes simple question. Fire or Arcane? Which is better?

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    Always thought (for 4.3) fire is good on AoE/moving fights, and Arcane is good for im gunna stand still for 5 hours and cast 1 spell fights. But i play a hunturd so no idea haha

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    Fire / Arcane is better

    If for some reason it is absolutely totally impossible for you to dual spec, Fire requires less forward planning and positioning and is generally easier on mistakes

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    ya my bad it was a misclick didnt mean to post in hunter forum

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    From what I've gathered and tested, if you are the only provider of the 3% buff (no Ret Pally/BM Hunter/etc.), arcane. If not, fire all the way down. (Except spine?)

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    Fire, more mobility and aoe, although its very rngish, only time arcane excels is burst.

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    Moving this to the proper forum.

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    Arcane mages have always been better in my PUGs. They seem to do more DPS on madness and can burst down the corruptions and tentacles.

    It could just be the people playing them but 3 (separate raids) times we had failed on Madness and after replacing the fire mage for an arcane mage we would kill it.

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    Fire mage does more damage, has better survivability, better single target DPS and better AoE but is a lot harder to play. You need to time combustions to line up with crits and let ignites roll until you get good crits and then finally once everything lines up slap a combustion on there and enjoy absolutely absurd numbers.

    If you wanna do similar single target DPS by binding the whole keyboard to one button and rolling your fase from the left to the right (some studies have said rolling from right to left is also viable but more theorycrafting needs to be done) then go with arcane.

    The only fight an arcane mage is legitimately better on is Spine of Deathwing hc where they can burst down the tendon like mad, but it's so much easier to play you will probably see better results facerolling arcane until you properly learn fire.

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