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    Placed an order for a pizza and watched terrible movies all afternoon. Not too shabby....

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    Worked all day, give my GF some gift's, went eating some snacks at the snackbar and went to sleap.. not much so...

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    Watched as my crush's crush sang a song for another girl and I was like *excellent [evil grin]*

    ... but the rest of the day was just like any other tuesday.

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    Went to work. Came home from work. Had sex with my wife. Went out to dinner with my wife. Came home and watched the Knicks game with my wife, they won.

    Pretty good day.

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    I chilled the fuck out, instead of stressing about getting a valentine's, or annoying EVERYONE I KNOW by posting pictures of what my boy/girlfriend got for me for this oh-so-special date.

    I DID play "Like St. Valentine" by H.I.M once, which I think is enough celebrating needed.
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    celebrated Single's awareness Day

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    Dinner with the wife. Bought her the new Twilight movie. Watched the new Twilight movie. Had sex twice.

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    In a bar. Somewhere that carries Khalua, cream and Vodka
    I read a part in a book that made me want to rip my eyes out and made me feel quite ill.

    The details were so perfect as to really put you there.
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    anyone want doughnuts? i hear there is a great shop in Vancouver

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    Worked all day (my boss did hand out little candy bags for valentines, which was kinda awesome), then went and got a couch for my apartment from some friends. Ate Taco Bell with my brother (he helped me move the couch) for dinner, then raided.

    Not the best Tuesday ever, but def. not the worst!

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    I played some SCII.

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    I had a very stereotypical Valentine's day: bought my girlfriend Ghirardelli chocolate, orange roses and made her dinner.

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    I made a really nice dinner for the family and put the kids to bed. Husband and I ate some chocolates from a heart shaped box. Snuggled with the hubby and watched a movie and then special romantic times in the bedroom.

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    Asked this girl that I really liked to Prom :3
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    Lurking around the internet...

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    Had a nice quiet evening with my wife sipping port wine and enjoying Godiva Truffles in front of the fireplace.

    My wife goes to bed early (gets up for work at 4:00) so once she did it was TOR for the rest of the night.

    It was very enjoyable

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    Sat home and played games, got with my brother and friend and we started leveling new characters on WoW...

    Didn't really do much else...

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    I made dinner for god knows how many couples... Must of cooked at least 1500 chicken balls and other deep fried Chinese goodies. Valentine's day is insane for Chinese food. Hopefully some dude got lucky because of my cooking, because I sure didn't lol. My ladies currently out of town teaching so it was my first V-day alone in 10 years. Treated myself to the ME3 demo when I got home though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowbane View Post
    Played WoW. Planning to go out and buy all the unbought valentines chocolate for epic cheap and have om nom nom chocolate feast.
    Lmao epic win, i'm gonna do the same.

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    I smanged a nasty girl on Monday. Then on Tuesday to celebrate myself I went out with friends and hit on every miss lonely heart at the bar. The lines have been cast out, now I only need jiggle the fishing pole to get the fish to bite.

    It seems that a woman out by herself, or with her GFs on a sappy holiday such as V-Day are prime for picking. It's similar, I guess, to going to the supermarket hungry. You just want everything you see because you're empty inside. All in all, it was my favorite Valentine's Day so far. Funny enough, one of the first in many years where I was not romantically involved with a woman. Go figure.

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