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    Under your bed

    What did you do for Valentine's?

    Since I don't have someone to celebrate this holiday with, I decided to give my desktop some Valentine's Day decor.

    "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints." --Billy Joel

    "When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down "happy". They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” --John Lennon

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    going to a sit down restaurant with 3 other single dudes
    Gamdwelf the Mage

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    I'm calling it, Republicans will hold congress in 2018 and Trump will win again in 2020.

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    worked, played BF3.

    foreveralone.jpg would fit here nicely.
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    Came back from work an hour ago, ate some chinese, watching the latest House (from yesterday)... Kinda happy with myself .

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    Still at work. Then going home, playing some games, and cooking dinner... what else is new?

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    Going to have a sundae with a few other single guys then study for two exams tomorrow.

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    Making a remix that is Valentine's day themed atleast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reve View Post
    Came back from work an hour ago, ate some chinese, watching the latest House (from yesterday)... Kinda happy with myself .
    IS THE NEW HOUSE OUT? (caps intended)

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    work until 5, eat dinner alone, watch some anime, raid from 7-10, watch a movie, goto bed

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    i got every girl im friends with a little somthing chooocooolllaaattte, and the girl i like i got her a stuffed animal she loved it and people who saw her with it were sooo jealous that they didnt get as awesome of a present

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    Meh, study
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    Well I do have a penis attached to me as well but I dont know 'a lot' about it, I dont even know how it tastes. Maybe you do.
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    Everyone who does not miss Vanilla has no heart. Whoever wishes it back has no brain.

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    Working at Friday's helping others enjoy a night out with their special someone! My g/f is away at school so i won't get to see her til the weekend, so our date is postponed till then. But it will be spent at Wicked Faire! It's a convention in New Jersey that we attend every year. I can't wait!

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    Went to class, went to town, got some coffee, studied for 2 hours, possibly failed (or at least did horrible) on an exam, came home, made a pizza.
    Probably going to spend the evening on wow and skype with friends.

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    i made a valentines card and sent it to all my friends ^^

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    Me and my Girl are currently states apart, but sent flowers that were delivered yesterday and chocolates delivered today.

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    Daily Valentine quests in SW while eating a Hershey’s bar I bought for myself.

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    woke up went to uni did a bit of normalisation, went home p,layed wow ,hugged my cats, did my math homework, started to download mass effect 3, started to watch megamind, went on mmocampion :S

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    When I get home I'll be logging in then getting married it should also be in the Guinness World of Records for most in-game marriages. Source

    • PSN ID: Azuri118 •

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    I went to the climbing wall and had a nice poop while reading a book

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