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    Well i'm a 3rd year university physics student. Class is from 08:00-14:00. I have plenty of time in the evening, even holding down a job, if I decide not to go over that days notes.

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    we arent doing anything tonight, its 7:30 pm here and i am sitting in a class right now and that kinda gets in the way, but we are going away for the weekend. my boyfriend cant get me flowers because i am allergic to pollen, and i dont eat candy or chocolate, so we basically just said Happy Vday to each other and thats it.

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    Every Valentines day I celebrate "Money day". I estimate how much money I've saved by being single, pour it in my bath, & wade in it for however long I feel like. To make myself feel even better I print pictures of married couples & laugh at them. It pretty much borders on Christmas on my happiness scale.

    Okay, maybe it's not entirely accurate. But one day I'll do it just so I can say I did.
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    No significant other ... shared a bottle of wine with a good friend I have had for years.

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    I woke up at 5:00am, did the laundry, washed the dishes, walked the dogs, made a frittata for my wife and toddler before going to work for a 10 hour day where I busted my butt, came home with supper that I picked up on the way, took care of the dogs, played with my son, kissed my wife as she headed out to a board meeting, cleaned up after supper, gave my son a bath and put him to bed, folded the laundry, straightened up the house. Now I'm going to veg out a bit before going to bed

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    I made double chocolate chip cookies and used weed butter. Nothing better than tripping balls playing Star Wars with the surround sound cranked. I too am single this Valentine's Day.

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    Watching Boondock Saints atm. Great Valentine's Day movie.

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    Well, I'm single. So...I ate some chocolate, and played some video games. Pretty good Valentine's Day, imo.

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    Played WoW. Planning to go out and buy all the unbought valentines chocolate for epic cheap and have om nom nom chocolate feast.

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    Gave my girl a bear and some chocolates, then went to a friends house to watch Lord of the Rings. Nerd Valentines day kind of wins.
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    I was going to get my girlfriend some flowers but she said that was too cliche, so I got her one of these instead. Heh, jokes on her.

    Her birthday is coming up too, so it was like a double present.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vynistra View Post
    i touched that folder.
    damn you~!!!1!
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    Went to the dentist. Went out to eat. Now I'm going to eat chocolates that Johnny Depp sent me and fap in shame before going to bed.

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    I was surprised this cute girl with flowers and chocolates while she was at work.

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    Me? I was in the kind of mood to kill anyone who seemed happy due to the whole Valentine's theme. I just cannot stand it when people cherish love in such a shallow manner and having me forced to tolerate seeing it and witnessing how such feeling are wasted and misplaced. Sounds weird enough? It is still my opinion.

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    My dad gave my mom chocolate for Valentine's Day. She's not suppose to eat chocolate (some doctor told her to avoid it, so she does) since she's on Coumadin and a blood pressure medication, so she gave it to me.

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    Slept in, went to work, did some fapping, and completely forgot today was Valentine's until I saw this thread, despite having already done the Love is in the Air Week dailies.

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    The samething I do every Valentines...



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    cooked a very nice meal for my girl, candle light with the lights dimmed. got her a nice devil teddy bear *fits her * got her a lot of chocolate. then gave her something else special..

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    Chilled in bed and watched kids films accompanied by a bottle of wine and cigarettes,
    Awesome life i have >.>

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