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    This. Mount. Looks.. Epic! Do want!

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    It's beautiful!

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    yeak i need yeah I want this mount it is too good

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    New!Pretty!Golden!Shiny!I want it!!!!!!!!

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    This mount looks amazing, I just hope it doesn't make an annoying flapping sound while flying like the celestial steed, that makes me not want to use it

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    A perfect valentine's day gift.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfist View Post
    Also, I laugh at all of you buying this. Enjoy looking TOTALLY RADICAL next to 400 other people.
    I'm sure many people will lose sleep tonight knowing they don't have your approval.
    "An orc - a true orc warrior - wishes for one thing: To die in the glory of battle against a hated enemy." -Varok Saurfang

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    Bet we see this model in MoP all over the place.

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    it can't really walk' it flies over the ground
    Prey on the weak and you will survive, prey on the strong and you will live.

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    What a shame that they went through with this being a store mount, even after so many good opportunities to include it as part of Dragon Soul, MoP, or the legendary daggers questline. Oh well.

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    ah well atleast its obtainable in a resonable way worst serenio i had was that its a TCG mount

    wait a drake for each chare on north american acount only? that must be a mistake
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    Give me, now. Thanks

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    this is at least a new model

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    I don't understand why these things have to be so expensive. If these mounts and the pets were priced $2-$5 I would be buying them up. As it is, $10 for a pet just seems outrageous for something that has no real value.

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    Poke poke. Do want.

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    Figures it'd be a cash mount. Custom model, super bright, really big and annoying in large numbers... and of course it'll be in large numbers. -_-

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    I do love collecting mounts and this one looks realy awesome Cant understand that its a store mount tho

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    what 100k sub loss?

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